Homeowners schedule services for their AC systems each year to avoid major repairs and service disruptions. Common issues that affect AC systems are blockages, component failures, and refrigerant leaks. AC professionals understand how to mitigate these risks by completing routine maintenance.

AC technicians inspect the systems at the beginning of the summer and identify any issues that could affect the functionality of the system. Whether the AC systems need repairs or it’s time to replace the system altogether, they offer expert advice for homeowners 

Cleaning Out the Interior and Exterior Units

Seasonal cleaning services are an important part of HVAC maintenance. AC technicians remove the exterior casing of the units and clean out the entire system. Exterior units accumulate leaves, dirt, pollen, and pine straw. The interior units could suck dust, dirt, and pet hair into the units and cause blockages around the fan and motor.

AC technicians use chemicals to remove grime from the components and give the homeowner a fresh start on the new season. They will also change out the air filter and eliminate any debris on the exterior grill.

Assessing Lubrication for Components

AC Technicians evaluate the components for proper lubrication during inspections. If the components aren’t lubricated, the gears could grind together and cause damage. The components are lubricated according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and the technicians will test the components to ensure proper functionality. If a component is failing, the property owner must set up the replacement services before using their air conditioning system.

When a component fails, the surrounding parts work overtime to compensate for the loss. They will also draw more power and increase energy costs for the property owners. By replacing the component quickly, the property owner avoids service disruptions and won’t face higher than average power costs.

Testing the Thermostat 

Proper temperature gauging is necessary to operate the air conditioning system properly. The thermostat is a vital part of the AC system, and it detects the room temperature. The room temperature determines if it is time for the thermostat to engage the AC unit. If the thermostat is faulty, it will not gauge the room temperatures properly and engages the AC unnecessarily.

Faulty thermostats should be replaced promptly to prevent further problems such as frequent cycling of the AC unit. Programmable thermostats are a great choice for homeowners gives them control over the AC. They can set the thermostat to operate at a specific temperature at a specific time. They could save money on cooling costs by setting the thermostat at a higher setting when they aren’t home. The thermostats are also compatible with smart home features, and homeowners can connect remotely to their HVAC system.

Gauge Refrigerant Levels

Proper refrigerant levels are necessary to produce cool air, and if the levels are too low, the system will blow hot air into the property. AC technicians gauge the refrigerant levels by using specialized gages, and the reading determines if they need to charge the unit with more refrigerant, or if they need to remove it. A refrigerant leak leads to the gas leaking out of the property, and it presents a risk to the environment. Federal laws require certified HVAC specialists to handle the gas. If the AC isn’t producing cool air, the homeowner must contact their service provider promptly.

Straightening Fins on Condensor Coil 

The condenser coil can freeze up if the refrigerant levels are too low or if the fins on the component are bent. The AC technician reviews the fins on the part and straightens them to ensure cool air radiates properly from the component. If the component has rust on it, the technician will clean away the rust with cleaning products. However, if the part is rusted completely, the technician will need to replace their condenser coil.

Where to Get Tune-Ups

Property owners set up AC repair services whenever their systems are not operating as expected. HVAC providers understand all the routine maintenance steps for maintaining the systems, and they will provide estimates when repairs are needed. AC units require seasonal cleaning to eliminate blockages, too. Property owners can learn more about the services by contacting an HVAC provider.

Mister Quik Home Services provides exceptional HVAC services for property owners, and they complete vital steps for maintaining each system. The skilled technicians understand how to repair the systems and troubleshoot emerging problems. They guarantee all their services and provide warranties for all new installations. Property owners can learn more about AC Tune-Ups in Martinsville, Indiana by contacting the service provider now.