A plumbing system is sometimes overlooked by homeowners due to the majority of its components being concealed. This network of pipes, fittings, and other hardware serves to allow the flow of water into a home. It also helps prevent the entry of foul gases into the home and facilities the outflow of wastewater. To retain use of these important plumbing functions, it’s essential to perform regular maintenance and needed repairs.

Getting in touch with a specialist from Mister Quik Home Service is a smart way to maintain full use of plumbing in a residence. The experts at this company strive to assist homeowners in Lebanon solve plumbing problems so homeowners can have an enhanced living environment. Learn about common plumbing problems so you can be aware of a plumbing defect when it occurs.

Blocked Drains and Pipes

One of the most common plumbing problems is blocked drains and pipes. Even with vigilance, household occupants often accidentally put substances down the drain that can cause a blockage. Some of these materials stick to the interior walls of the pipes, further creating a problem for the outflow of wastewater. Skin flakes, fibrous foods, hair, oils, soap residue, and paper can cause a minor to serious blockage in drains or pipes. When water can’t exit a home, it becomes stationary. Stagnant water often leads to foul odors. It’s also an attractant to insects and can become a health hazard. Luckily, the experts at Mister Quick Home Services can quickly locate and verify a blockage. They can also successfully find a solution to restore full functionality to a plumbing system.

Leak Problems

Another frequent plumbing problem in homes is a leak. This is a malfunction in a plumbing system or plumbing fixture which allows for the unwanted escape of water. A leak can occur in numerous locations including showers, sinks, appliances, toilets, and water heaters. Common causes of leaks include clogged drains, high water pressure, and corroded pipes. A leak can result in serious water damage to household goods, floors, carpets, walls, and furniture. Signs of a leak include wobbly showerheads, lingering odors, drips, and low water pressure. When a homeowner suspects a leak is in the home, it’s prudent to call a professional at Mister Quik Home Services. The specialists at this company can detect and fix leaks promptly before the damage escalates.

Hot Water Shortage

Winters in Indianapolis are often short, but frigid. Because of this, it’s important to have access to hot water. Shortness of hot water can cause an uncomfortable situation when bathing. It can also be an inconvenience when hot water is needed for food preparation or cleaning. A low hot water supply can occur when sediment has built up in the bottom of the water heater. It can also happen the dip tube on the water heater is broken or when the heating system is malfunctioning. To correct this malfunction, get in touch with a member of the Mister Quik Home Services team. These experts work on most models of water heaters to restore heated water to a home.

Hard Water Problems

The hardness of water is the level of dissolved calcium and magnesium. While these minerals are necessary to the human body, they can create a major problem for a plumbing system. In hard water, the elevated level of calcium reacts negatively with soap to form a thick residue. This is also known as soap scum. Using hard water often leads to the need for extra soap or detergent to wash hands, hair, and clothing. This type of water is formed when water is filtered through deposits of calcium and magnesium build-up. The result is a layer of scale deposits that can seriously damage water pipes. Low water pressure results when wastewater can’t be pushed through these deposits. Clogs can form when hard water is present in plumbing. Luckily, experts with Mister Quik Home Services can perform tests to correctly measure the hardness of the water. After, a plumber will offer various solutions so residential water is fit for daily use.

A plumbing system is often forgotten since most of it is behind walls, underneath cabinets, and underneath the home. Regular attention to plumbing maintenance and proper use of plumbing helps a homeowner have full use of a plumbing system. However, a plumbing emergency can occur even with the best care. A minor to major plumbing problem can be solved with a cost-efficient solution performed by an expert from Mister Quik Home Services. Give these dedicated experts a call to get the best plumbing service.