From your washing machine to the baths you love to soak in, your home couldn’t live without a working plumbing system. Homeowners soon come to realize this when a problem happens to the plumbing, and their home can’t function. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a leaking faucet or a leaking pipe that has caused a flood in the home plumbing problems are never welcome. Whatever your plumbing problem, our fully qualified plumbers in Lebanon can be on hand to get it fixed.

If you have a plumbing issue and need a plumber to come out to your home, call the experts at Mister Quik today for your free quote. We’re ready to deal with most plumbing issues so that your home is running like a well-oiled machine in no time.

This quick read will talk you through some of the common plumbing issues that might happen in your home and what we can do to help.

The Full Plumbing Works 

It doesn’t matter if the home you live in is old or new if you’re having an issue with your plumbing, you could benefit from one of the services that we offer. At Mister Quik in Lebanon, we inspect, repair, and install plumbing systems.

If you notice that something is wrong with your plumbing, you will benefit from booking an inspection. We might then find the need for a repair or a complete replacement and new installation.

Slab Leak Repairs

Slab leaks can go unnoticed for so long because they happen in the waterlines below your home. They often go undetected for long periods of time. This increases the risk of structural damage to your home. There are a few signs that you can look out for. However, it’s not always the simplest of problems to diagnose. Don’t worry though, our experts at Mister Quik are fully trained to deal with the issue. The warning signs that mean you’ll have to give us a call are; increased water bills, a dome-like raised area on the ground, and cracks in the wall.

Once the problem has been identified, slab leak repairs are quick, but they are just tricky to access. We also offer a five-year guarantee on any of the repairs that we do. Should anything go wrong with your slabs again we’ll be back in a hurry at no extra cost.

Toilet Repair and Installation

Toilets are one of the most common plumbing issues because they get so much use. The average person flushes the toilet five times a day, so a full household is going to take that number far higher. While toilets are generally robust and built to last, blockages that form over time can cause issues. Call the team at Mister Quik if you’re having trouble flushing and draining the toilet or any terrible drain smells.

We are also fully qualified to install new toilets. This might be needed if your toilet system has packed in for good or if you’re having your bathroom redone.

Faucet Repair and Installation

Faucet repair is often needed due to reduced water pressure, unwanted noises, or a lack of correct temperature. Faucet repairs are generally very easy to do as it’s only a small part that needs replacing in most cases. Sometimes, however, there might be a bigger issue further down the plumbing system that’s creating the issue. This is common with a faucet that’s constantly dripping.

As with toilets, our experts at Mister Quik Lebanon are also fully equipped to installed new faucets should one be needed. Give our team a call for a quote today!

Drain Repairs or Cleaning

It’s common for drains to become clogged with grime, dirt, wedding rings, teeth. You name it, it has gone down a drain. If you’re experiencing foul smells coming from your drains it would be a sign they need to be cleaned. If your drain is leaking it will need a repair by one of the teams at Mister Quik.

Sump Pump and Sewage System Repairs

You might not know what a sump pump or sewage system is, they are both hidden below the surface of your house and the concrete in your street. It’s not common to know much about the issues sump pumps or sewer systems cause, so leave it up to our experts at Mister Quik to diagnose. 

Pipe Maintenance and Repair

Whether it’s a ruptured pipe due to the cold temperatures outside, or a leaking pipe, the expert team at Mister Quik in Lebanon is on hand to help you. As pipes age and experience wear and tear, it’s common for them to need a repair.

Let Us Handle It

If any of these problems are one you’re facing right now, don’t hesitate to give our expert plumbers at Mister Quik in Lebanon a call. We can efficiently handle your plumbing needs and get your home to function as it should do.