Thinking about cities like Lebanon doesn’t conjure the image of humidity in the summer months, but because of the climate, when the summer is approaching, it’s best to make sure the air conditioning is working properly. Today, there are a variety of air conditioners available, including the mini-split system. Learn more about the mini-split HVAC system as well as who to call when you need mini-split installation in Lebanon, IN. 

What is a Mini-Split Air Conditioner?

Before talking about mini-split air conditioners, it’s a good idea to understand the different types of air conditioning. Central air conditioners are often considered an efficient way to keep the inside of a home cool. There are two parts to a central air conditioner. The unit itself is outside of the home and the evaporator coil is indoors. Usually, it’s located in an attic or basement. 

With a central air conditioner, the outdoor unit has a refrigerant that is compressed and circulated to the evaporator coil. They then work together to remove heat and humidity inside the home, with the treated air moved through the ducts to be distributed throughout the home.

With a mini-split system, there is a compressor outdoors and an air-handling unit in the room that needs to be cooled. There are pipes that connect the two units, which carry the hot air to the condenser, where it’s cooled before it’s returned to the room by the air handler. The main difference between the mini-split and the central air conditioner is that the mini-split doesn’t have ducts. 

The ductless system’s air handler can be mounted to the floor or ceiling, or installed in the ceiling. The same compressor can work with multiple air handlers, so it’s possible to cool multiple rooms at the same time. 

Advantages of a Mini-Split System

Although the central air conditioner is a popular choice, more people are opting for a mini-split system. If you’re considering a mini-split installation in Lebanon, IN, there are some advantages you’ll want to know about. These include the following:

More Energy-Efficient

With a central air conditioner, up to 30% of the air can be lost as it moves through the ducts, typically because of leaks or holes. The air can also be lost if the connections between or to the ducts are not sealed properly. Mini-split systems are known for being more energy-efficient because nothing is lost due to faulty ducts. There are no ducts that could lead. This is better for both the environment and your energy bills. 

Easy to Install

If the house already has ductwork, then a central air conditioner might make more sense. If the house is older and doesn’t have ducts, however, a mini-split might be the better option. With a mini-split, you’ll save both time and money by avoiding having ducts installed throughout the house. 

Room-Specific Temperatures

Another reason central air conditioners aren’t as efficient is that they can’t be customized – all rooms in the home are cooled at the same time to the same temperature, even if no one is in the room. With the mini-split system, there are individual thermostats for each room. This means rooms that aren’t being used won’t need to be cooled. It also means those living in the home can control the temperature in their own room, so if one person likes it warmer than the other, there’s no need to compromise. 

Boost Air Quality

Pollutants can be carried through the ducts, as well as bacteria, pollen, and more. With a mini-split system, there is a filter that can be easily cleaned and will stop the contaminants before they get into the room. 

DIY Mini-Split Installations

It is possible to do a DIY installation, but it’s always better to have an expert installation done to make sure it’s done right. The mini-split installation in Lebanon will be much easier when it’s done by an experienced team of professionals. They’ll make sure the installation is done right, so you can start using the system right away without worry. 

Contact the Pros for Mini-Split Installation in Lebanon, IN

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