People spend about 90% of their lives indoors, yet the Environmental Protection Agency reports that the level of indoor air pollutants is twice as high as that of outdoor levels. In severe cases, indoor pollutants can be 100 times more harmful than their outdoor equivalents. Poor indoor air quality in workplaces slows down the pace and leads to health-related concerns like headaches and eye irritation.

Common Indoor Air Pollutants Biological Contaminants

Those contaminants include viruses, bacteria, fungi, animal dander, pollen, cockroach allergen, dust mites, and insect detritus. Causes include poor housekeeping practices, inadequate maintenance, water spills, condensation, and humidity control.


These are solid and liquid substances suspended in the air. Most particles are invisible, but others are visible as suspensions in sunbeams.

Chemical pollutants

Volatile organic compounds can be naturally occurring substances or human-made emissions. They include smoke emissions and carbon monoxide poisoning.

What Are HEPA Filters?

Improving your indoor air quality is essential, especially for the elderly or individuals with respiratory complications like asthma. The first step to ensuring better air quality is to install a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filtration) system. Since these filters must be replaced often, get a qualified technician to do it.

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Benefits Of HEPA Filters

Lebanon families come in all shapes and sizes, and they have diverse needs. Although HVAC systems should have filters, some don’t need a filter to operate. The effectiveness of your filter is measured based on a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV). A high MERV rating means the filter can trap more particulate matter.

Most homes use one-inch filters, which must be replaced every 30 days. The filters have a MERV rating ranging between five and nine, which is ideal for large particles. However, it allows tiny matter to pass through like spores, pollen, and dust.

Some filters trap a wide range of particles, making the HVAC system inefficient. The most effective are the HEPA filters that trap over 99 percent of all particles. The high-grade protection makes HEPA filters popular in labs, hospitals, and homes. They are the most effective filters because of their unmatched particulate filtration.

Why Change HEPA Filter Regularly?

Choosing the right HEPA filtration system can be complicated because it involves adjusting your HVAC system to sustain the large filters. However, the efforts are worthwhile when:

Although installing a HEPA filter will not solve all the issues, it can prevent most of them. Talk to Mister Quik Home Services today and discover how using a HEPA filter in your Lebanon home could benefit you.

Getting A HEPA Filter Replacement In Lebanon

Replacing air filters periodically is a crucial home maintenance tip. When your filters are clogged with dirt and other particulates, the air doesn’t pass through easily, putting a strain on your HVAC unit. It might also allow unwanted particles to pass into your house.

Consider installing HEPA filters or replacing the current ones to relieve the strain. Since they are dense, air doesn’t pass easily through their fibers. Ensure the HVAC unit can handle the task before installing the filter. HEPA filters should be replaced regularly to maintain their integrity. That is why you should only let experts manage the filters.

Changing HEPA filters often enhances indoor air quality and makes the heating and cooling systems run efficiently. A clean filter allows the furnace or air conditioner to heat or cool air as it should. In this case, you will save money on your utility bills and extend the system’s lifespan.

The most important role of HEPA filters is cleaning the air. Dirty and clogged filters let in particles into your home and increase the severity of any respiratory conditions. For instance, if you are asthmatic or one of your housemates is, you shouldn’t keep dirty filters. Low indoor air quality might also cause skin infections like itching and rashes.

Local, Reliable HVAC Technicians For HEPA Filter Replacement In Lebanon

Do you have any questions regarding your HEPA filter replacement or installation? If you live in Lebanon and are ready to schedule an appointment with skilled HEPA filter experts, please contact us for top-notch services. We will send our technicians to inspect your HEPA filters and provide a quick solution.