Wouldn’t it be nice to purchase a home appliance knowing it would never have to be replaced? Sadly, manufacturers have yet to come up with a home appliance that lasts forever. When it comes to the air conditioning in a home, people typically find this is one thing they cannot live without. The AC helps to keep the interior of the home comfortable, which is exactly what family members want. Their residence is meant to be a place where they can relax and unwind. If your unit is having issues, contact Mister Quik for help in getting the problem resolved or a new unit installed.

The average air conditioning unit today lasts around fifteen years. For this reason, individuals need to research the options to find the model that best meets their needs. Seven factors need consideration during the buying process.


Homeowners must choose a unit that is properly sized for their residence. An undersized unit must run continuously to cool the residence. This leads to higher energy bills and possibly a residence that never feels comfortable. In contrast, a system that is too large for the space tends to turn on and then off again rapidly. It reaches the desired temperature with ease, but never removes enough humidity from the home. As a result, the occupants feel sticky.


Cost plays a role in every purchase. Before a low-cost AC installation in Lebanon, Indiana, determine how the manufacturer managed to offer such a great deal. Using inferior parts or cutting corners in manufacturing could lead to higher costs over the lifespan of the unit. For instance, the unit may not operate efficiently, leading to higher energy bills. Mister Quik technicians explain to clients the advantages and drawbacks of each unit they are considering to ensure the homeowner makes an informed decision regarding which model to buy.


The ductwork in the home plays a role in the overall effectiveness of the AC unit. For instance, clogged and dirty ducts reduce the ability of the unit to provide cool air throughout the residence. Duct sealing may be needed to prevent the loss of cool air. During AC installation in Lebanon, Indiana, the technician examines the ducts and provides recommendations on their maintenance, needed repairs, or replacement. This ensures the homeowner gets the most from the new AC unit they purchased.

Thermostat Placement

In addition to determining the best placement for the AC unit, homeowners must know the best place to locate the thermostat. Thermostats work by reading the temperature in the environment around them. When a thermostat is exposed to direct sunlight, it might assume the home is warmer than it actually is. On the other hand, thermostats placed in dark hallways often register a temperature that is colder than the home truly is. As a result, portions of the home may be warmer than the homeowner would prefer. Work with the technician to find the appropriate placement for the thermostat to avoid these issues.


Air conditioning units require a power source. Before hiring an AC installation team in Lebanon, Indiana, ensure they have the necessary experience to connect the unit to the home’s electrical system. Faulty wiring could lead to failure of the system or it may create a fire hazard. Upon completion of the installation process, the technician must ensure no wires remain exposed to prevent potential problems.

Mister Quik technicians work with clients to find the right AC unit for their needs. They go above and beyond this and help the client optimize the efficiency of the unit. They can show the client how to keep the area around the outdoor unit clear for optimal system performance or recommend shutting blinds and curtains in rooms that aren’t in use. This helps to keep the home cooler, so the AC unit won’t have to work as hard.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Our technicians are happy to help you with anything related to your HVAC system. We want you to be happy with your new AC installation in Lebanon, Indiana and will do everything possible to ensure you are.