Laundry Room Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Even though laundry rooms are designed to get things clean, they are often one of the dirtiest and most disorganized spaces at home. Next to most washers and dryers, you’ll find clumps of dust and hair, dried and sticky detergents, water stains, loose change, collections of half-empty bottles of cleaners, and a long-lost sock or two. We throw our dirty clothes in, take our clean clothes out, and give little more thought to anything else. That’s why over time, the laundry room becomes a dusty, cluttered mess.


So let’s look past our shirts and pants, and clean the whole darn thing! Mister Quik shares some tips for getting your laundry space spick-and-span in no time at all.


Buy (or build) laundry carts


Instead of digging through a musty mismatched pile of worn clothes, why not have everything organized from the start? Use rolling laundry carts to organize garments by color and material, making laundry day a more efficient event. You can purchase carts at your favorite home retailer, or build your own.


Click here to check out DIY plans.


Add storage space


For a better way to organize all your laundry supplies, utilize the walls! You can extend your storage capacity with shelving, and a closet rod makes a handy place to hang dry those clothes that can’t go in the dryer. These are just a couple quick ideas; we encourage you to get creative with your own space.


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Clean the things that clean for you


Cleaning clothes is dirty business, and your laundry room probably shows heavy signs of wear if you look closely. The next time you tackle chores, don’t forget this space. Mop or vacuum floors, wipe down the machines, and periodically run a wash with nothing but white vinegar to help clean away soap scum and other debris.


Click here and use this handy checklist for more help.


Don’t forget your dryer vent!


Think cleaning out the lint trap is enough? Think again! That big vent hose behind your dryer collects a lot of debris over time, and becomes a major fire hazard if not properly maintained. Get in the habit of cleaning out the vent at least once a year. Warning signs that it’s getting clogged include longer drying times and clothes that come out hotter than usual. Cleaning the vent is pretty easy.


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We hope you found some helpful advice in these suggestions. For many more helpful ways to improve your home, talk to the pros at Mister Quik. From heating and air conditioning, to plumbing and electrical systems, we offer lots of great products and services designed with your comfort in mind. Give us a call and schedule a no-hassle home visit with us today!