HVAC UV Light Installation in Lafayette

Think about the first crisp morning in fall, the one where you decide it’s finally time to turn on your home heating unit. You’ve waited long enough, and there’s no use avoiding the fact that the cold weather is here to stay—for a number of months, at least. Your heating system has been dormant since springtime, and once it roars to life, you begin to smell that dormancy as the dust in your ducts and on the heating element starts to burn.

If you need any reminder that your HVAC system harbors dust and other particulate matter, this smell might be it, which is why an HVAC ultraviolet light installation in Lafayette can be an important addition to your home.

Benefits of an HVAC UV Light Installation in Lafayette 

You may wonder why an ultraviolet light, installed in your heating and cooling system, matters. Can a UV light really make a difference in your home’s air quality? The simple answer is yes! The addition of a UV light in your HVAC system will bring numerous benefits to the people in your home. These benefits include:

Better Health

Dust, mold spores, and other particulate matter can be pushed through your HVAC system, into your ducts and air vents, and then into your home, resulting in poorer air quality. People who have compromised health, allergies and asthma, or live with suppressed immunity can benefit from an HVAC UV light installation in Lafayette, which eliminates dust, mold, and other matter before it reaches the air in your home. The result? Improved health!

Energy Efficiency

When dust builds up in your heating and cooling systems, those units must work harder to circulate air in your home. A UV light works at the source to eradicate any foreign matter that might get in the way of your heating and cooling efficiency. As a result, these units use less energy, resulting in lower utility bills.

Improved Air Quality

While it’s often hard to detect poor air quality within our homes, the truth is that many of us breathe in less-than-ideal air not only when we’re out and about in Lafayette, but also when we’re relaxing at home.

An HVAC UV light in Lafayette will improve the quality of air in your home, scrubbing dust, mold, and other particulate matter from your air circulation. Another benefit of improved air quality is that odor molecules can also be eliminated through a UV light, making your home’s air smell better, too.  

Installing an HVAC UV Light System in Lafayette

Having a UV light system installed in your home is an easy process. It begins when you call Mister Quik Home Services for a consultation. Mister Quik uses only the best materials for our HVAC services. Our system can be installed in your home’s HVAC ducts and begin working immediately to help you breathe more easily.

UV lights have a long history of working to clear the air. History documents that UV lights were used as early as 1903, when a doctor won the Nobel Prize for Science by treating skin infections with UV lights. They are used in hospitals, grocery stores, and office buildings to effectively disinfect those environments, and they have a proven track record of eliminating contaminants like the Norwalk virus and E. coli bacteria.

HVAC UV light installation in Lafayette can work to sterilize the air before it enters your home, so the air you breathe will be 99 percent free of particulates that can harm you.

UV light systems are completely safe, too. Some forms of UV light can be detrimental to human organisms—think about the sun’s UV rays, which can lead to sunburns. A UV system harnesses the power of electromagnetic radiation that might give us a sunburn and uses it for good:  Killing the bad material in the air while preserving the good.

Top Quality HVAC UV Light Installation in Lafayette

At Mister Quik, we are committed to making your life easier and your health better. Our experienced staff is well trained in not only HVAC units, but also in providing air quality assessments, as well. For all of your heating, cooling, and air purification needs, we are the local team that you can trust.

Give Mister Quik a call today, and let us take care of your HVAC UV light installation in Lafayette. With a variety of options designed to meet any need and a commitment to affordable pricing, we promise you will be able to breathe easier in no time at all.