Whole House Humidifiers in Lafayette

Anyone who has weathered an Lafayette winter knows the benefits of a humidifier, from preventing chapped skin to warding off viruses that thrive in dry air. Most Midwestern homes include at least one humidifier, tucked into a corner, whirring away 24/7. Most homeowners also know the drudgery of maintaining that portable humidifier, refilling and cleaning the tank regularly and having to haul the device from room to room to humidify the entire house.

What’s the answer to this daily grind of portable humidifier upkeep? Find solutions for whole house humidifiers in Lafayette, installed by Mister Quik Home Services.

Why Should I Use a Humidifier? 

Lafayette winters can be brutal. Homeowners often spend countless hours indoors, trying to avoid the cold. But the gift of comfort comes with a price, as your home’s furnace warms your home while also blasting it with dry air, causing all kinds of secondary issues.

There’s really no question about whether whole house humidifiers in Lafayette are necessary. The answer is a resounding yes, because humidifiers have countless benefits for your health and for your home.

Whole house humidifiers in Lafayette can offer the following benefits:

Improve Your Health

Cold and flu germs thrive in dry indoor air, and a humidifier prevents viruses from proliferating; in the summer, a humidifier can also combat allergies.

Increasing Comfort

Whole house humidifiers in Lafayette will keep your skin and lips from being cracked and chapped by dry air, prevent static electricity, and overall, provide for a much more comfortable indoor environment.

Preserve Your Furniture

Believe it or not, an over-dry environment can affect your home furnishings. A humidifier helps to extend the life of your wood furniture and wood floors.  

Benefits of Whole House Humidifiers in Lafayette

A whole house humidifier offers numerous benefits. After installation, a whole house humidifier requires very little maintenance and provides a consistent level of humidity throughout your home without the effort of moving a machine from room to room.

Because it is integrated with your heating and plumbing systems, a whole house humidifier requires professional installation. Located next to your HVAC, a whole house humidifier relies on water from your home plumbing.

Humidified air funnels through your heat ducts, reaching every area of your home without any effort from you beyond the digital control, much like you would for your thermostat.

Once Mister Quik has installed your whole house humidifier, you’re set, and there’s little more for you to do but enjoy the comforts of whole house humidifiers in Lafayette. 

What You Should Know About Your Whole House Humidifier 

If you’ve been wondering whether you should invest in whole-house humidifiers in Lafayette, you may still have some questions. Some people have worried that a whole house humidifier will create a perfect environment for mold spores to bloom; others claim these systems can cause excess moisture on windows, warping frames.

When installed correctly by a trained Mister Quik technician, you will not need to worry about these potential problems. The dual sensor 24/7 auto mode means that you will have a consistent 35 to 45 percent humidity level all year long, providing the perfect environment for your entire family’s comfort without the concern that excess humidity might cause unintended issues.

A Whole House Humidifier Works for Lafayette Summers, Too! 

Perhaps the best-kept secret about a whole house humidifier is that it provides in-home comfort in the summertime, too. While people often connect humidifiers with dry indoor wintertime air, a whole house humidifier can actually enhance an air-conditioned house, as well.

The same benefits of a whole house humidifier in the winter can apply to the summer, as well, especially because air conditioning can dry out your skin, create an environment for allergies to proliferate, and damage wood furniture.

If you’re considering the benefits of whole house humidifiers in Lafayette, there’s no reason to wait until next winter to get started. An installation now can provide an immediate benefit.

How to Get Whole House Humidifiers in Lafayette

Mister Quik’s team of HVAC professionals is committed to making your home comfortable, no matter what the season may be. If you’re interested to learn more about the benefits of whole house humidifiers in Lafayette, give us a call today. We can explore the various options for whole house humidifiers with you and provide you with a no-obligation, free estimate to review!