AC Repair in Lafayette

If your AC is not working properly, you might experience high temperatures and uncomfortable humidity.  Sometimes, there are several indications that something is wrong before the system completely fails. It is good to know how to identify air conditioner problems so that you can know when to contact a technician about AC repair in Lafayette.

Common Air Conditioner Problems

Below are a few common indications that you need to contact someone about AC repair in Lafayette.

 Warm Air

It might seem obvious, but if your air conditioner is blowing warm air, it is not working properly. The first thing to check is that you have set the thermostat to the appropriate cooling mode and to the right temperature. If the thermostat indicates that the system should be cooling the house, and it is not, there could be several things wrong with the system.

Perhaps the compressor is not functioning or something is restricting your airflow. Remember that these systems are complicated, so don’t try to take apart technical components to fix your air conditioner all on your own. Call Mister Quik about AC repair in Lafayette to find an expert who can identify and fix the issue quickly.

Strange Noises

Yes, your AC unit might make some noises even when it is in good condition. However, if you notice that the system is making unexpected sounds, something might be wrong with your AC unit.

Sudden bangs, rattling, or buzzing could suggest that a component in the unit is loose. If this is the problem, the system will often work harder to try to make up for the lost efficiency from the loose component. You will need to find a professional who can tune up the unit and make repairs.

Bad Smells

If you notice that the air conditioner smells bad, you may want to consider calling about AC repair in Lafayette. A professional can perform diagnostic tests to determine if something is wrong.

Since dust and debris can build up in your ductwork, strange smells can be a sign that it’s affecting your system. You may simply need someone to come out to clean your ducts.

Leaking Water

Air conditioners do produce condensation when they are working correctly. However, if a liquid is pooling around the unit in your home, the system is not working as it should be.

If the leaking liquid is water, it can cause damage to your house. However, the system may also be leaking coolant, which will only lead to more significant problems. You will need to schedule AC repair in Lafayette to prevent a leak from leading to more substantial problems. 


Your air conditioner does not just cool the air. The AC also removes humidity to prevent your home from becoming swampy during the hot summer months. Your system might need to be recalibrated.

If your home feels sticky, have a professional HVAC technician check it out. Your air conditioner should be keeping you comfortable and appropriately addressing the humidity. If it’s failing to do so, it may be a sign that repairs are needed. 

The System is Turning On and Off

Air conditioners do cycle on and off as a part of their regular operation. On the hottest day of the year, you will likely hear the machine turning on more often. However, it should not turn on and off or cycle constantly.

If you notice the system cycling constantly, something might have broken, and you may need a tune-up or repairs. 

Low Airflow

If your system has low airflow, something could be blocking the ducts. There could also be a problem with the air filter or your air conditioner may have a broken motor. In any of these cases, you will need to have a professional HVAC technician come by to check the system. 

Repairs Versus Replacement

Air conditioners should last for many years. If you perform regular maintenance on the system, it may last for as long as fifteen years. Most repairs are simple and will keep your AC unit working for many summers to come. However, it’s important to take the time to schedule regular tune-ups on your system to prevent breakdowns when you need your system the most.

You may ultimately find that the system requires too many repairs and replacing it might be a better option. Many new air conditioner models can save on energy costs and keep your home comfortable and cool. The professional technicians at Mister Quik Home Services can help answer your questions about AC repair in Lafayette. When it comes time for a replacement down the road, we can help with that, too. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you!