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Air Purification Systems in Indianapolis

Wonder why you might need air purification systems in Indianapolis? You might think that Indianapolis air couldn’t be that bad. The air quality in our city often looks clean, unlike the murky brown cloud that hangs over famously-smoggy cities.

But consider the numbers. According to reports from IQAir, which ranks the air quality of cities worldwide, Indianapolis has the 53rd worst air quality in the nation (out of 1517 cities ranked). Even Los Angeles, the first place most people think of as the epitome of poor air quality, has cleaner air!

The American Lung Association gave Indianapolis an F rating for unhealthy air, and the city’s air quality hasn’t met Environmental Protection Agency standards for ozone levels, which can be caused by vehicle emissions, factories, and fires.

If you don’t think you need air purification systems in Indianapolis, you might want to think again. When you want to make sure that your home has only the best air, give Mister Quik Home Services a call — we can help! 

Reasons to Get Air Purification Systems in Indianapolis 

The air quality in Indianapolis is only one reason why an air purification system can be a beneficial addition to your home. An air purification system not only helps to filter out toxins from outside, but they also remove threats to air quality from inside your home.

Air purification systems in Indianapolis are especially useful for allergy sufferers, as they draw away the tree, grass, and ragweed pollen that can make spring and summer miserable for countless residents.

People who suffer from asthma or other lung diseases can also benefit from air purification systems in Indianapolis, which removes particulate matter from the air that might complicate breathing.

Obviously, an air purification system will not cure allergies, asthma, or lung diseases, but having one installed will prohibit irritants from invading your home, making the indoors a sanctuary from allergens and other particulate matter that can compromise your breathing and your quality of life.

If you’re an animal lover but you don’t love pet odor, an air purification system can help filter dander from your home, cleaning the air of the dog or cat smell that is a downside to owning a pet.

An air purification system can remove unpleasant odors from your home, whether it’s from the fish you fried for dinner last week to the cigarette smoke from your weekend guest. Rather than needing to mask odors with candles or chemical sprays, an air purification system will trap odor molecules before they ruin your evening—or your upholstery.

How Air Purification Systems in Indianapolis Work 

Whether we like it or not, our home is swimming in allergens, dust, mold spores, and other particulate matter that we can’t necessarily see, but which can compromise our health. An air purification system works alongside your heating and cooling systems by drawing these particles through a series of filters that trap the bad matter and allow clean air to pass through.

Once the air purification system is installed, maintenance is simple, with a new filter needed every six months. You won’t have to give your air purification system a second thought. While it’s working 24/7, you can get on with living your everyday life.

Breathing Easy is Cost-Efficient, Too

The addition of an air purification system means that your heater and air conditioner will run more efficiently, saving you money on energy costs, as HVAC systems with dirty filters have to work harder, which therefore raises your energy bill.

Air purification systems in Indianapolis have other money-saving features, as well. An overworked HVAC system is more likely to break down, causing costly repairs and diminishing the life of the heater and air conditioning system. By making the HVAC system operate more efficiently, you will save wear and tear on the machines.

High-Quality Air Purification Systems in Indianapolis

At Mister Quik Home Services, we are committed to making your home life comfortable. If you want in-home air that’s free of pollutants, pet dander, allergens, and other toxins, consider calling Mister Quik for a consultation today. We can talk through your options and provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate. We can definitely help you breathe more freely!