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Water Filtration Systems in Indianapolis

It’s a little disappointing that even in this day and age, you can’t always rely on the water that comes out of your tap in the Indianapolis area.

From additives to accidental contaminants, both city and well water can pose health risks.

If you have had your water tested or are unsure about the quality of your water, Mister Quik can help you with a complete solution.

There’s no need to be reliant on pitcher water filters or bottled water. We can make sure your whole home receives pure, clean water.

What a Water Filtration System Can Help With
A water filtration system can benefit you whether you are on city or well water. Here are the considerations for each:

City Water – The EPA requires the city to limit contaminants in drinking water. However, these contaminants are still often present in small amounts. They include natural poisonous deposits, fertilizer and herbicide runoff, discharge from petroleum refineries, bacteria and more. All of what we have listed is commonly present year after year.
Certain people may be more susceptible than average to infection, so it’s especially a good idea to look into water filtration for city water if you have any elderly or very young members of your household. It’s also nice for everyone’s peace of mind!

Well Water – Half a million people in Indiana use well water. If you’re one of them, you probably know the water that comes from your tap has a lot of uncertainty about it. You may not be able to taste, see or smell anything off, but that isn’t necessarily an indication that it is safe. Unfortunately with nearby runoff, there can be an enormous variety of natural and man-made contaminants.
It may also be possible that your plumbing system contains lead pipes which can cause elevated lead levels in your water.

Another common problem is hard water. A water softener system is an effective solution.

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