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Problems stemming from your sewer or drain can be highly frustrating and sometimes embarrassing.

If your drains and pipes are overwhelmed and acting up, trust Mister Quik to help you out with licensed, professional services.

Get Clogs Cleared Away Fast
If you are experiencing any one of these frustrating problems, we can provide expert, permanent solutions in no time:

Clogged Drains – Clogged drains are a common occurrence with bathroom and kitchen plumbing. A lot of the times it’s an easy fix, but if the clog goes too deep or is really jammed in there, don’t hesitate to call in a professional. We can safely remove the clog without harming your pipes. We can also fix slow-moving drains.
Backups – Recurring drain or toilet backups are frequently due to something lodged further down in your plumbing system. You’ll want to get it addressed and make sure that something much more serious isn’t going on such as a collapsed pipe or intruding tree roots.
Leaks – The pressure from a clog can cause leaks to spring anywhere underneath the blockage. It can be hard to locate, but not for us!
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Mister Quik stands out from the crowd of Indianapolis plumbers with our commitment to customer service, expertise, and reliability. As a locally owned and operated company, we know what it takes to reach our customers’ full satisfaction and strive for that goal with every job we do. We proudly provide:

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