Indianapolis Plumbing Services

Indianapolis Plumbing Services

Mister Quik Home Services has plumbers ready to solve any plumbing problem you may have.  From water heater replacement to clogged drains our Indianapolis Plumbers are ready to get you back up and going as quickly as possible.  Call now or click the Schedule Now button below to get a technician headed your way!

Drain Cleaning – Unclog ANY Drain $99!

Clogs and backups in your plumbing system never happen at a good time. While we enjoy seeing you, there are things you can do to avoid most clogs. Our dedicated plumbers will unclog any drain for only $99.

Emergency Plumbing Service

Your toilet won’t stop running. The garbage disposal is jammed. A pipe sprung a leak. What do you do?? Home plumbing emergencies can and will happen to everyone at some point in time.

Sewer Replacement

Sewer lines can break due to several reasons. Tree roots can clog and break sewage lines, misalignment, oil or hair clog, as well as collapsed pipes, can merit a sewer replacement.

Water Heaters

How long has it been since you installed or maintained your water heater? Do you have to wait 30 minutes after your spouse showers to ensure you get hot water?

Tankless Water Heaters

Ever have to stand in line to get into the shower when you are already running late, only to have to jump into an arctic ice bath you can tolerate for about two seconds? If so, losing the tank on your water heater may make sense for you. Tankless water heaters have been used in countries such as Japan and Europe for years due to tighter living quarters, and are just now gaining popularity in the United States. Tankless water heaters are also known as “on-demand” water heaters because they heat the water as it comes through the unit as opposed to continually having to warm the water stored in a large tank.

Water Softeners

If you live in Central Indiana, you know you have hard water. In fact, according to the Water Quality Association, Indiana is considered to have “extremely hard” water, with the highest rating on the charts in the U.S. – more than 14gpg or grams per gallon of water. Softened water makes a clear difference throughout your home.

Sump Pumps

If you have a basement in Central Indiana, then you’re probably familiar with sump pumps. You’re at least familiar with the fact that you need something to help with the inevitable flooding that hits Indiana every spring. Your sump pump works to keep water out of the basement or crawl space, saving potentially thousands of dollars in damage.

Plumbing Repair

Our local, certified plumbers are well-equipped to handle nearly all of your plumbing repair needs. Just like any other system in your home, your plumbing system requires regular maintenance and attention. Preventative maintenance helps avoid those inconvenient, expensive emergency calls.