Do you find yourself piling on blankets while you’re in your home during the winter? If your heating system is working and your home is still cold, it could be that you don’t have proper insulation.  Modern building codes require homes to have a certain amount of insulation. That keeps those who reside in your house warmer and helps prevent your water pipes from freezing. However, most older homes are not up-to-code when it comes to insulation requirements. If that’s the case for your home, you may need insulation services. We’ll take care of you! Mister Quik Home Services provides fiberglass loose-fill blown-in insulation to the Indianapolis area and can provide your home with blown-in insulation. Read on to find out more about the process, types of insulation, and how to have insulation placed in your home.

What Is Blown-In Insulation?

When builders construct a new home, they install insulation, also called “batt insulation.” This material consists of thick strips of spun fiberglass or paper materials cut to fit between wall studs and ceiling joists before the wallboard goes up. Without this type of insulation in place, your house will not protect you from the changing temperatures outside.  Blown-in insulation refers to a type of insulation made from tiny materials “blown into” the walls and ceiling of a home using a long hose. We often place this material in older homes with adequate insulation or newer homes not built with proper batt insulation. We use blown-in insulation because it is much easier to install than batt insulation.

The Best Type of Blown-In Insulation

Loose-Fill Fiberglass

Loose-fill fiberglass insulation is an incredibly light, blown-in insulation material made out of glass that has been melted and spun into thin fibers. Loose-fill fiberglass insulation blown into attics or wall spaces provides an average R-2.5 thermal value per inch. Batt insulation offers an average of R-19 insulation, which is an appropriate insulation level. To match this, we need to “blow-in” about 7.5 inches of loose-fill fiberglass insulation. This type of inorganic and noncombustible blown-in insulation is also comparatively less expensive (per inch) than cellulose insulation. So if you’re looking for quality insulation at an affordable price, this product is perfect for you. 

The Pros and Cons of Blown-In Insulation

While blown-in insulation is an excellent option for many homes, it has some minor disadvantages that the team at Mister Quik Home Services can resolve. The following are a few pros and cons of having blown-in insulation placed in your home.


Fiberglass loose-fill insulation efficiently fills gaps in smaller spaces with its molten-glass fibers. Your contractor can also layer the material for added protection for your attic, closed cavity, application, or any other “open blow” application, which is what fiberglass loose-fill insulation is designed for.  This type of insulation also flows down around wall studs seamlessly and boasts natural flame-resistance. That being said, even if fiberglass will not burn, you should still be careful with batts backed with paper or foil. Obviously, these materials are very flammable! 

Disadvantages and How the Mister Quik Team Resolves Them

Of course, fiberglass loose-fill insulation requires professional installation, and that can be messy. But don’t worry! Mister Quik Home Services will take care of it. Fiberglass loose-fill insulation can also foster fungal growth or cause your ceiling to sag if the conditions are damp. You can give us a call whenever your insulation gets wet. Some homeowners place dehumidifiers or fans in the area. As you can see, there are far more advantages to having blown-in insulation placed than there are disadvantages. Plus, you can avoid any minor issues blown-in insulation causes if you use an expert team like Mister Quik Home Services to install your blown-in insulation.  We will make sure to place your installation neatly,  leaving your home exactly as it was when we arrived. We’ll also be sure to install only the highest-quality insulation that has been treated to avoid fungal growth, such as mold.

Contact Mister Quik For Your Blown-In Insulation

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