Many household items are neglected for years until they break, leaving the homeowner wondering how an appliance that’s not too old could falter. Appliances with slightly more complex running systems, such as your AC unit, are more prone to issues.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you are regularly servicing your AC unit to keep it in tip-top condition. Luckily, it’s easy to book a tune-up appointment with our experienced technicians at Mister Quik in Plainfield, Indiana. Hopefully, this short and informative read will convince you to book your yearly tune-up to keep your AC unit running perfectly all year round.

Maximize The AC Unit’s Potential

It may be obvious that if something isn’t working right with your AC unit, it isn’t working at its full potential. AC components are also known to see a domino effect when they aren’t working right. Allow one part to function poorly for too long and a connecting part may also start to malfunction.

You want to make sure that you are getting the most out of an AC unit, and booking a yearly tune-up does just that. The trusted engineers at Mister Quik will service, clean, and do a diagnostic test to find any issues.

Having a properly functioning AC unit will ensure it’s running more efficiently, providing the cool air that you need and saving you money each month. Often, a malfunction can lead to increased utility costs.

Money Problems

Issues with your bills are not the only problem that can crop up if you don’t have a yearly tune-up. Leaving your AC unit for years without any maintenance or servicing can lead to problems that include huge cost implications. Parts for your AC unit won’t necessarily come cheap, and if the domino effect we mentioned above occurs in your AC unit, you’re looking at an even bigger expense to get it fixed.

Paying for one yearly tune-up carried out by our professional engineers may far outweigh the cost of having to repair issues due to poor maintenance of the AC unit.

Improved Reliability

There’s nothing worse than having to suffer through a scorching hot day without any AC because it decided to pack in before the day even began. It’s common for an AC unit to fail during the hottest time of the year. The unit will often be working on overdrive, around the clock, meaning it’s more susceptible to malfunctions.

However, if you were to maintain your AC unit every year, it would minimize the risk of a random malfunction. As well as booking a yearly tune-up, make sure you’re cleaning the visible parts of your AC unit to remove any dust or debris that’s collecting.

A Longer Shelf Life

If you have recently invested in your AC unit, you will no doubt expect it to function properly for many years to come. This is only guaranteed with regular cleaning and maintenance.

Well-maintained AC units can last a minimum of 15 years, with many lasting double that. As long as the technology still works, there is no need to have a new AC unit to keep up with the times. That’s the great thing about appliances like AC units.

What Does An AC Tune-Up Involve?

One of our trusted engineers at Mister Quik will be called out to tune your AC unit and will be on hand to deal with any questions you have. Here are a few of the stages of your AC unit tune-up:

Inspect and Clean Ducts

The ducts are a vital component of your AC unit and are prone to wear and tear. Ducts collect dust and debris that impairs their function. The result is poor airflow as well as an adverse effect on the air being produced, and the air may not be as cold as you want it to be.

Test The Electrical Components

The need for electrical repairs is not uncommon, but it’s likely there won’t be a fault here. If there is, it’s usually related to a loose wire or damage due to leaking water. Repairs are quick and can often be done during the tune-up visit.


Your Mister Quik technician will spend some time cleaning the various components of your AC unit. This includes the condenser coils and ducts.

Top-Up Refrigerant Levels

Low refrigerant levels will affect the efficiency of your AC unit. If the levels are non-existent it may be a sign of a leak, which our engineers are more than qualified to handle.

Those are just a few things included in your yearly service. Hopefully, we have instilled the importance of booking a yearly service call in your mind, and you’ll be ready to book one in with our team at Mister Quik Plainfield, Indiana. Give us a call today!