Carmel homeowners rarely have to deal with sewer line issues, but when problems occur, they cause significant disruptions to daily life. In some instances, sewer lines can be cleared rather easily but, in other cases, the repairs required may be significant. Regardless of the issues, the important thing will always be to get the system up and running again as soon as possible. That’s where our team of experts enters the picture.

Understanding How Your Home Sewer System Works

Freshwater enters the home through the main supply line that’s connected to a municipal distribution system or to the home’s private well. Once that water enters the home, different distribution lines route it to sinks, tubs or showers, toilets, and other water-using devices. Once the home’s residents complete cleaning or other chores, the wastewater is drained through another set of pipes that, eventually, connect to a large sewer line that directs the wastewater to the home’s municipal sewer system or a private septic system. Problems occur when those drain lines become clogged with grease and other debris.

Another common issue our team encounters is damaged sewer lines. In some cases, the sewer lines are crushed by vehicles traveling over them. In other instances, the lines are penetrated by roots from surrounding trees or shrubs. While roots may be removed using appropriate equipment, those roots may come back and plug the line again later. Our team will evaluate the system and recommend simply cleaning the lines or suggest other, more permanent solutions. When crushed pipes are involved, the only real solution is to use one of the available replacement strategies.

Signs of Sewer Line Problems

The most obvious sign of a sewer line problem is a backup of wastewater in the home. That sewage is filled with pathogens and rarely smells very nice. If you experience a backup, it’s always important to contact a sewer line expert for help immediately.

Other signs of a problem include a spot in the yard that’s always saturated with foul-smelling water. In that case, a major leak is certainly present and should be dealt with immediately to prevent health and safety issues. Any other signs of leaks should be explored to determine what types of problems are creating the leaks. In areas where backflow preventers are in use, replacing a defective backflow device may also be required. Our team of professional plumbers knows what types of wastewater disposal systems are in place and can provide advice when any type of problem develops.

Diagnosing the Problem

Before the Mr. Quik team of professional plumbers recommend any type of fix, they’ll take the time to diagnose the issue properly. Carmel area property owners are no different than those in any other city. They want to know what the real problem is and understand the various repair options. No one wants to needlessly dig up portions of their yard, destroying both landscaping and hardscaping, if less-intrusive fixes are available. So, how does our team learn more about the sewer line issues you’re facing?

Today, the best way to diagnose a sewer line problem is to use a specialized camera that’s inserted in the pipe. The camera allows the technician to learn what type of problem exists and, perhaps more importantly, determine exactly where the problem lies. Once the problem is isolated, the Mr. Quik team will explain the sewer line replacement services or explore repair options.

Using Modern Sewer Line Repair or Replacement Strategies Saves Money

In the past, the majority of sewer line replacements required extensive digging. Today, there are a number of ways our team can repair or replace a line without causing extensive damage. While it may still be necessary to do some digging, we can generally find ways to make repairs or replace lines without causing significant damage to our clients’ yards. Of course, if there are plantings causing the problem, we may recommend removing those plantings.

Employing the latest repair or replacement strategies generally cuts the time required for the repairs. That means your home’s sewer system will be functional faster, but it also means you save money due to the reduced number of hours required for the repair.

Got Questions?

We know facing a sewer line repair or replacement issue can be stressful, which is why we always encourage clients to contact the Mr. Quik team in Carmel to get any questions answered quickly. If you’re experiencing any type of sewer line problem, don’t delay repairs, as things tend to get worse. Contact our team of experts today for help.