Plumbing issues can be the most cumbersome of any household problems. While they can be small, or large, they are always pesky. 

At Mister Quik, we offer professional service technicians that are available to help around the clock and just a call away.

Slab Leak Detection

A slab leak problem is when your water lines, below your home, spring a leak. They can be hard to fix, and signs like a spike in your water bill, or wall cracking may be telling you there is a problem. Our repairs all come with a 5-year warranty, and we’ll make sure that your water line is running properly

Plumbing Repair, Install and Inspection

Plumbing systems are difficult to navigate, and a lot of things have to work in unison to have it perform correctly. Our team can provide the proper repairs, installation and inspection of any system and give you not just an answer, but a solution.

Toilet and Faucet Repair/Install

Whether it’s inconsistent water levels, overflowing, leaking, or the inability to flush, a call to Mister Quik Home Services might be warranted the second you notice any of these problems.

These signs, along with discolored water or inconsistent pressure may speak to a bigger problem. Our team is ready to get to the root cause of your problem and offer a solution to whatever is ailing your home.

Water Heater Repair/Install

If your water heater isn’t working right, it can cause a huge problem in your home, as no one likes a cold shower, or the inability to use hot water altogether.

Our team can give an assessment on the issue, and offer a fix, as we can perform installs and repairs. We offer extended warranties on both tank and tankless water heaters.

Water Softeners and Filtration

When water is too hard, it can ruin your pipes and cause your plumbing to also break down over time. A water softener or reverse osmosis technology will help with making your water flow softer.

Pipe Maintenance

Frozen pipes, especially in Indiana, are a common occurrence in the Winter. This can lead to damage to your home’s plumbing system and ruptured pipes. Call Mister Quik for any services involving pipe repair!

Sump Pump and Well Repair

Are there strange smells or leaks in the ground, or around your home? It might be time to give us a call, to deal with the tricky sump pump, sewage system, or well system that your home uses.

Drain Maintenance

If your drain is clogged, it can prove to be a huge issue. We are just a call away and can help clean your drain, repair your drain, and replace or install a new drain. We use a drain camera to inspect and diagnose your issues, and fix them in the best way possible.

Call The Pros

If you need help with your plumbing and want to trust it is done right, give us a call today!