Many homeowners in Carmel wait until the smell of fall is in the air and the mornings are starting to feel crisp and cool to turn on their furnaces for the season. There’s nothing wrong with that approach. Why waste the energy on home heating until there’s no denying that winter is on its way?

The problem is, those dormant heating systems almost always harbor dust, germs, and other airborne contaminants. That first-time homeowners fire up their furnaces in the fall often brings unpleasant odors as a result. Let them act as a reminder that it might be time to consider germicidal UV light installation in Carmel.

Benefits of UV Light Installation

Ultraviolet (UV) lights take advantage of UV-C radiation, which falls outside the visible light spectrum but is great at killing or deactivating bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. The addition of a UVC light to a home’s HVAC system can eliminate those unpleasant smells associated with bringing a heating system out of dormancy and improve indoor air quality throughout the whole year. The benefits of UV light installation include:

Protecting Residents’ Health

Poor indoor air quality can wreak havoc on residents’ health, especially if they already struggle with asthma, allergies, other respiratory disorders, or compromised immunity. The mold, bacteria, and viruses pushed through untreated household HVAC systems spread throughout the house, but the addition of UV light to the system can kill or inactivate all kinds of pathogens. The result will be improved respiratory health.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Combining a germicidal UV light with a traditional HVAC filter will also protect the household’s heating system. Dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and other foreign particles can build up in the ducts and even get sucked into the heater, itself, reducing its efficiency. Addressing this problem can improve the system’s energy efficiency, thereby reducing monthly bills and potentially extending its usable life cycle.

Improved Air Quality

Homeowners don’t always realize that their indoor air quality is suffering until one or more residents start suffering from unpleasant health consequences. Most people breathe less-than-clean air both inside and outside of their homes. An air quality inspection can make the extent of the problem clearer to homeowners, but the bottom line here is that most households in Carmel could benefit from UV light filtration.

While most homeowners have questions about their current air quality levels, what’s not up for debate is whether UV lights work. Installing a germicidal UV light in the HVAC system will improve the air quality of the home by reducing or eliminating mold, bacteria, and viruses. As an added bonus, the air will also smell better.

UV Light System Installation in Carmel

The first step toward improving the air quality in any Carmel home is to call Mister Quik Home Services to schedule an air quality consultation. These experts have advanced training and access to the best materials and equipment. Once a technician has determined the extent and type of air quality issues in the home, he or she can install a UV light filter quickly and efficiently.

Still, wondering if UV lights really work? The good news is, they’ve been in use for over a century, so there’s plenty of proof to back up scientists’ claims. The first use of UV lights was documented in 1903 when a scientist won the Nobel Prize for treating skin infections with this technology. Now, they can be found everywhere from hospitals to grocery stores, where UV lights are used to disinfect sensitive environments and eliminate contaminants such as E. coli and the Norwalk virus.

The best part about installing HVAC UV light filters in Carmel homes is that they sterilize the air while it is still en route to the living spaces. As a result, the air that residents and their guests breathe in will be 99% contaminant-free.

While UV light effectively deactivates most microorganisms, installing an HVAC UV filter won’t harm the home’s residents. While some types of UV light can cause sunburns, people won’t be exposed to electromagnetic radiation directly. It will kill harmful pathogens without causing negative implications for any humans or household pets.

Leading HVAC UV Light Installation in Carmel

Mister Quik is dedicated to improving clients’ health through comprehensive air quality assessments and UV light installation services. They also make life easy for homeowners by providing a suite of other HVAC services, including heating and cooling system maintenance, repairs, and installations. Call Mister Quik today to discuss air quality and filtration options and request an estimate for an HVAC UV light installation. Homeowners who take action now will be breathing easy in no time.