Few things are as important as the quality of the air we breathe. By default, this makes maintaining indoor air quality in our homes and workplaces a top priority. More people than ever before are now working from home which makes indoor air quality doubly important. Those who work away from home are apt to feel their homes are a sanctuary of sorts, a place where they can comfortably and safely retreat from the world. Home air quality is essential no matter how much time is spent in the home.

Air Quality is Essential

People who are particularly sensitive to drops in indoor air quality include individuals with allergies, asthma, and the elderly. While such individuals might benefit the most from improved home air quality, everybody in the home will experience the benefits it provides. Air filtration is the secret to cleaning up indoor air. The first thing the homeowner should do is to have a HEPA filtration system installed. HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air. Bypass HEPA Filtration Systems trap far smaller particulates than the average home air filter. HVAC technicians are skilled and able to replace HEPA filtration system filters.

In Carmel, Mister Quik offers experienced, reliable help when it comes to Bypass HEPA Filtration System replacement. They’ll remove the old filter, install a new one, and properly dispose of the used filter. Best of all, they’ll do this w/out allowing any of the trapped particulates to enter your forced-air system. Mister Quik provides insured technicians who are equipped with the most up-to-date training. Add to that the best workmanship available combined with an attitude of service and you’ve found the help you need to improve your home’s quality of air.

All Filtration Systems Are Not the Same

The Carmel community is home to a diverse group of families and each family’s specific air quality needs vary. Most homes come with forced-air filtration installed, but filters vary in the size of particles they are able to capture. The filters installed in most family’s forced-air systems only catch larger particles, such as dust, which is large enough to be seen with the naked eye. A minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) determines a filter’s effectiveness. The higher the MERV value of a filter, the smaller the size of particle it will filter. The average home air filter is a 1″ dust filter, with a MERV value of 5-10. It should be changed monthly. Do not count on a filter such as this to capture mold or pollen.

A far better option for nearly any home, and one that will trap many more particulates, is that of a Bypass HEPA Filtration System. Bypass HEPA Filtration Systems reliably capture 99.97 percent of all air particulates, regardless of their size. This means your home will be easier to breathe and that there will be fewer allergens floating about, and less dust and pollen on your surfaces. These are the filters used by businesses, industry, and medical professionals to provide the cleanest and most sanitary air possible. There is no better filtration available for one’s home than a HEPA filtration system.

Situations Where a HEPA Air Filter Is Helpful

Switching to a HEPA system isn’t worth the effort to some people as it sometimes requires certain renovations to one’s existing system. Bypass HEPA Filtration Systems are generally larger than dust filters. Depending upon who lives in the home, however, it may be more than worthwhile to make this important upgrade. Bypass HEPA Filtration Systems have proven helpful in homes where:

As important as installing the right filtration is in alleviating the discomforts brought on by poor indoor air, changing the filters regularly is equally important, and easy to overlook. Schedule regular filter changes with Mister Quik to make sure you get the highest quality indoor air possible.

Why Regular Bypass HEPA Filtration System Replacement Is Essential

Regular maintenance always reduces repair. Air filter replacement is the key not only to receiving the cleanest possible air to breathe but also, to gaining the longest life and use from your forced-air system. High-quality filtration keeps you and your family breathing easy, and it also keeps your air system’s motor working smoothly, unimpeded by the dust, dirt, pet hair, and the like, longer. Properly filtered systems often last years longer than their neglected counterparts.

It is easy to get a replacement for your Bypass HEPA Filtration System in Carmel. This reduces the strain on the system’s motor and at the same time, makes the quality of one’s indoor air consistent. You’ll notice improvements in your heating and air-conditioning bills, as well. Care properly for your HVAC and HEPA systems and they’ll take good care of you by providing you with the clean, sweet air you need and by saving you money, too. 

Is your Bypass HEPA Filtration System clogged up? If so, it needs help, fast. Find out more about how to get your HEPA air filter replaced in Carmel, IN. There are skilled and highly-trained technicians available. By scheduling with the staff at Mister Quik Home Services you’ll be breathing easy in no time.