Summer in Carmel, IN, is a busy time for families. Between summer vacations, sunny activities, sports, and family events, many people find themselves going non-stop all summer long. Along with all that seasonal fun comes the Carmel heat and the sticky humidity that comes with it.

Unfortunately, a home with high humidity can cause problems for the home structure and the residents. Thankfully, Mister Quik can help tame the humidity and get the family breathing easy again. Mister Quik offers and services whole-house dehumidifiers to those living in and around the Carmel area.

Reasons to Choose Whole-House Dehumidifiers

It is a fact that humidity results in excess moisture in homes. This leads to breathing and health issues for those that live there and structural damage to the home and furnishings. A dehumidifier works to eliminate that excess moisture, preventing those health problems and additional home damage.

Some people may assume that a small portable dehumidifier is enough to protect the home, the residents, and the air. The truth is that the residents would need to carry the portable unit from room to room as they move through the house. Also, it takes some time for these little machines to work, and by the time the air starts improving, the person would likely be ready to move on to a new room in the house.

Having whole-house dehumidifiers means that the people are protected from humidity throughout the house, no matter which room they are in. There is nothing to carry through the house, and the air will already be ready for people when they enter the room. The air will be healthier with a whole-house dehumidifier and easier for everyone to breathe.

Whole-House Dehumidifiers Help Prevent Mold 

Mold thrives in wet air, meaning that a humid house is a breeding ground for toxic mold spores. Mold is known to cause asthma, allergies, bronchitis, respiratory issues, sinus infections, and more. This is why it is important to install whole-house dehumidifiers, as no one wants their family to get sick.

Dust Mites Love Humid Houses

Another reason to choose to install whole-house dehumidifiers is to keep dust mites at bay. These nasty microscopic arachnids love humid homes and can cause serious health problems to the humans living around them. Keeping the air dry and the home dry goes a long way in preventing dust mites from running rampant.

Humidity Causes Home Damage

Many people are unaware of the damage that can be caused by humidity in a home. Aside from the mold, humidity causes warping, swelling, and rotting around the home windows and floorboards. Installing whole-house dehumidifiers in a Carmel home can prevent structural damage and save homeowners big bucks in repair money.

Clean Air Smells Better

No one likes the smell of mold. A home with a humidity problem is more likely to stink due to everything being damp, which can be embarrassing when guests come over. No amount of candles or chemical room spray will cover up that sort of smell. Keeping the humidity in a home in check with whole-house dehumidifiers can keep the air fresh and keep the home smelling good.

Whole-House Dehumidifiers Can Save Homeowners Money

Cooling a home in Indiana can be expensive in the summer, especially if the home is humid. Help cut down on those cooling bills by having dehumidifiers installed. How does this save money? The air conditioner will not have to work as hard if the air is dry, meaning that it may run for shorter periods of time and won’t have to run as long as it would if the home was humid.

Having Whole-House Dehumidifiers Installed

The installation of dehumidifiers should be done by a trained professional. Thankfully, Mister Quik specializes in whole-house dehumidifier installation and services those in and around Carmel, IN, area. A technician can go over the many options available for homeowners and guide them to the right setup for their particular needs.

How does this type of system work? Fans pull in the warm, wet, and humid air and run the air over a cold coil. The coil removes the air’s moisture, turns it into a liquid, and the liquid is removed through a drain pipe. The air is now dry, and the dehumidified air is sent back into the home.

The system has a digital monitor installed that keeps track of the humidity levels in the home. As soon as the air reaches an undesirable level, the unit turns on. When the right level of humidity has been reached, the system turns itself off.

What does installing this type of system mean for homeowners? It can mean that they have a dehumidifying system that is smart enough to work when needed. It also means having dry air that is easier to breathe, having less mold in the home, fewer dust mites, and not worrying about warping windows or floorboards caused by humidity.

Installation by a trained Mister Quik technician is worry-free and takes just a few hours. All Mister Quik technicians are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency and aim to provide top-of-the-line equipment and only the best customer service. Want the job done quickly, correctly, and safely? Contact Mister Quik today to find out more and to get the process started.