For water to move away from the home, a maze of drains and pipes work as a system throughout the home and property. The drains and pipes carry water and waste away from the home to the sewer lines. A home needs clean water coming into the home and wastewater going out and away from the home to the city sewer lines. 

Unless there is a problem, most people never think about their pipes and sewer lines. Unfortunately, if something goes wrong with the drains, this will be all a homeowner can think about until the problem is resolved. Mister Quik is an expert in drains, clogs, and sewer lines in Bloomington, IN.

Those having an issue with their drains need to give Mister Quik a call. Mister Quik services Bloomington and the surrounding areas. Be sure to ask about the “any drain, any time” drain cleaning special.

At the first sign of a clog, a homeowner needs to call in a professional. When a clog is ignored, it grows and can cause major problems for the homeowner. Ignoring an issue can mean that pipes need to be completely replaced instead of just cleared. Calling Mister Quik can get the drains draining again and get life back to normal. 

Clean Drains Regularly

Many people are unaware of this, but drains need to be cleaned regularly to avoid major issues. It is smart to clean the drains on a schedule. This can help avoid major clogs and line breaks.

How often should one have their drains cleaned? The experts suggest that drains be cleaned and inspected every eighteen months or anytime a problem is suspected. During the inspection, a professional will examine the drains, clean them out, and ensure that the sewer lines are still properly connected. 

Many people think that storebought drain cleaners are just as good as having professional service their lines. This is not true, and those chemical drain products are bad for the environment and can cause harm to the pipes and drains. This is why it is smart to go with a professional.

A benefit of going with a professional is that their service will not cause harm to the environment or the home’s drainage system. Mister Quik’s technicians have all the tools needed to clean the drains, remove any clogs, and keep the wastewater flowing away from the home. Regular cleaning appointments can also rid the pipes of any growing problems and prevent big problems from arising in the future.

Why Drains Clog

Many people are under the impression that they just woke up and their drains were clogged. They assume there were no warning signs or reason for the clog and that the clog just happened out of the blue. The truth is that there were likely signs of a problem, and those in the home may have been flushing items down the drains that are hazardous to the drainage system.

Drain clogging items include:

One should never flush anything down the toilet other than what is intended to go down. If the water starts draining slowly, or toilets stop flushing properly, there is a problem building in the pipes. However, not to worry, as Mister Quik can be there in a jiffy and get those toilets flushing again. 

The Magic of Mister Quik

How do the Mister Quik technicians work their magic on the pipes and get the wastewater flowing? The answer is that sister Quik’s highly trained technicians do a thorough inspection of the problem before they begin. Once they have identified the culprit, they offer their findings to the homeowner and go over the solution.

Depending on the clog’s severity, the technician may use drain snaking techniques to clear the problem. Hydro jetting may be used for severe clogs. Hydro jetting breaks up clogs and removes build-up off the walls of drains and pipes.

Mister Quik’s technicians never cut corners and have all the tools needed to handle even the most serious clogs. This company is family-owned and will make honest recommendations of any follow-up services that are needed. The job is guaranteed to be done correctly and completely. 

Mister Quik Also Inspects Bloomington Sewer Lines

Sometimes a clog is due to an issue with the sewer lines. Sewer lines are designed to move wastewater from the house to the city lines. Unfortunately, sewer lines can leak, clog, crack, or even sink and cause the homeowner problems. The technicians at Mister Quik Home Service are expertly trained to handle sewer line issues. If the problem is the sewer line, the technician can look at the entire system and work out a plan of action. 

Ready to Have Those Drains Cleaned

Don’t wait another day; give Mister Quik a call, and get amazing service as soon as today. Our team offers lightning-fast, super friendly, and high-quality service to homeowners and businesses in and around Bloomington, IN. Our techs will identify the problem and get it fixed in a jiffy! Whether it’s a simple bath or sink drain, or you’re experiencing a slow drain throughout the home, we can do a clean-out for only $99!