There are many issues that can arise in modern homes, but few are more stressful than plumbing problems. The effects of plumbing problems range from mild inconveniences to serious emergencies, but homeowners should never put off repairs. Leaky faucets, burst pipes, and clogged drains won’t fix themselves, and Mister Quik Home Services always has a team of qualified plumbers ready to provide fast and friendly service.

The experts at Mister Quik can do it all, from installing new fixtures to repairing sewer lines. There are some plumbing problems that come up more often than others, though. Read on to find out about some of the most serious, and the most common, plumbing issues and how professional plumbers resolve them.

Slab Leak Repairs

Slab leaks occur when the water lines beneath a home’s foundation develop cracks, holes, or loose connections. Unlike leaks that occur inaccessible areas of the home, they can be very difficult to identify and fix. Common signs of slab leaks include:

Unexplained Hikes in Water Bills

If homeowners notice any of these problems, it’s important to call Mister Quik right away. The company will send out a licensed plumber to diagnose the problem and suggest appropriate repairs. The best part is, if homeowners enroll in the SHAPE plan, the repairs will be covered by Mister Quik’s five-year warranty.

Indoor Plumbing Maintenance and Repairs

Residential plumbing systems are surprisingly complicated. Many of the pipes and drain lines are hidden behind walls or beneath floors, so residents rarely even notice them as long as the system is operating as intended. When something goes wrong, though, it can cause serious problems, including the potential for water damage.

There’s no need for homeowners to wait until they have burst pipes or severely clogged drains on their hands to call in professional help. Scheduling annual plumbing maintenance visits and smaller repairs as required can help to keep everything in working order, helping to prevent serious and costly plumbing emergencies.

Fixture Installations

Toilets and faucets are some of the most frequently replaced fixtures in modern homes. It’s usually clear when a toilet needs to be replaced. Overflows, leaks, and a sudden inability to flush the toilet are all obvious issues that call for immediate attention, and sometimes, they’re best resolved by installing a new toilet. Mister Quik can send a technician to inspect the existing toilet and help homeowners decide whether to make repairs or replace the fixture.

Problems with bathroom and kitchen faucets may not have the “ick” factor associated with toilet issues, but they can be just as costly. If the faucet has a continuous leak, it can cause the monthly water bill to spike, and some faucet problems indicate more serious underlying issues. If the faucet is leaking, producing discolored water, or has low water pressure, call Mister Quik to schedule an inspection before replacing the fixtures.

Water Heater Services

Malfunctioning water heaters can be a huge nuisance. They can leave families without the hot water required to wash dishes, take showers, and clean their homes. Mister Quik offers extended warranties on multiple brands of water heaters, including both traditional and tankless models, to make sure customers will get what their appliances are worth. Even if Mister Quik didn’t install the original unit, one of the company’s reputable technicians will be happy to provide inspections, maintenance, and repairs or, if necessary, a replacement.

Water Treatment Services

Bloomington is known for its hard water, which is rich in calcium and other minerals. Over time, those minerals can build up inside pipes and fixtures, wreaking havoc on the plumbing system. Installing a whole-home water softener or a reverse osmosis filter can help.

Pipe Maintenance and Repairs

It’s not uncommon for pipes to burst during cold Bloomington winters. When that happens, homeowners should take action immediately. Mister Quik can send out a licensed plumber to thaw frozen pipes and replace damaged sections. They can also help with plumbing winterization to prevent future problems.

Pump, Sewer, and Well Repairs

Most homeowners don’t think much about their sewage systems, sump pumps, or wells until something goes wrong. If there are signs of below-grade plumbing leaks such as standing water in the yard or unusual odors, call for help immediately.

Drain Cleaning and Repairs

Dealing with clogged drains can be a drag. Don’t turn to dangerous chemical drain cleaners. Instead, call Mister Quik for fast, efficient, and permanent drain repairs that will remove blockages without damaging the pipes.

Call a Professional Plumber

Unless they have dedicated industry experience, homeowners should never perform their own plumbing repairs. Instead, they should call the experts at Mister Quik Home Services for all the help they need with maintaining, repairing, and replacing components.