It is critical to improve and maintain home indoor air quality. A regular professional inspection of the heating and cooling (HVAC) system, and an air filtration system, will help to reduce the number of airborne contaminants. These measures may be supplemented by an HVAC UV light installation, which attacks germs, bacteria, and viruses.

Does Indoor Air Quality Matter? According to the EPA, Consider:

It is common for homeowners to notice an unusual odor each year when the heating system is activated after several months of dormancy. This odor is the annual reminder that the HVAC system harbors dust, molds, germs, and other contaminants that diminish indoor air quality (IAQ). A convenient and safe method for improving household IAQ is ultraviolet (UV) light installation in Bloomington.

Benefits of an HVAC UV Light Installation in Bloomington

Particularly when used together with other IAQ remediation tools, such as an air filtration device, the addition of UV lighting in the HVAC system will bring many health benefits to the household. These benefits include:

UV Lights Have a Long History of Purifying

UV lights were used as early as 1903 when a doctor was awarded the Nobel Prize in Science for treating skin infections with UV lights. UV is used in hospitals, grocery stores, and office buildings to disinfect, and they have a proven track record of eliminating contaminants like the Norwalk virus and E. coli bacteria.

Safety of UV Lighting

UV light systems are completely safe, too. Some forms of UV light can be detrimental to human organisms. Think of the solar UV rays, which can lead to sunburn. A UV system harnesses the power of electromagnetic radiation that might give us sunburn and uses it for good.

Installing an HVAC UV Light System in Bloomington

Having a UV light system professionally installed at home is easy. It begins with a call to Mister Quik Home Services for a consultation. Mister Quik uses only the best equipment and materials for our HVAC services. Our UV system can be installed in the ductwork and will begin working immediately to help your household breathe easier. UV light installation in Bloomington can work to sterilize the air before it circulates throughout the home so the air you breathe will be 99 percent free of particulates that can harm you.

Top-Quality HVAC UV Light Installation in Bloomington

At Mister Quik, we are committed to making life easier and healthier. Our experienced staff is well trained not only in HVAC installation and service but also in providing indoor air quality assessments. Such assessments form the basis for remedial measures the homeowner might take to improve indoor air quality. For heating, cooling, and air purification needs, we are the local team you can trust.

Call Mister Quik today and let us install HVAC UV lighting in Bloomington. With a variety of options designed to meet any need and a commitment to affordable pricing, we promise your household will be breathing easier in no time at all.