Most people are aware that high humidity can cause respiratory problems and damage a home’s structural components, but not everyone realizes that low humidity can be just as problematic. Winters in Bloomington, Indiana bring cold weather and, along with it, significantly lower humidity levels. The dry air can cause skin irritation, chapped lips, and even an increased spread of airborne viruses.

Many homeowners purchase one or more portable humidifiers to try to rectify these problems. Portable humidifiers are only a temporary fix, though. They need constant maintenance and must be hauled from room to room if families want to address low humidity problems throughout their homes. Instead of living with these problems, homeowners can trust Mister Quik Home Services to install whole-house humidifiers in Bloomington, Indiana

When most people talk about humidity problems, they’re discussing the moisture damage and mold growth that often accompany excessively high humidity, especially in the summer months. That insistent focus begs the question, what’s so bad about low humidity? The problem is, maintaining optimal indoor humidity levels requires implementing a Goldilocks scenario. The air can’t be too wet, or too dry. It needs to be just right.

Blasting dry air throughout a home may keep it warm in the winter, but the lack of humidity can cause all kinds of other issues. It can:

The viruses that are responsible for causing everything from seasonal flu to common colds thrive in dry air. Low humidity levels allow them to proliferate. Low humidity can also exacerbate allergy symptoms.

When the humidity levels in the home start to drop, it can also reduce residents’ comfort. The lack of moisture in the air can cause problems with chapped lips, dry skin, and even increased shocks from static electricity.

Even the home itself can wind up suffering if the humidity levels drop too low. Changes in humidity cause wooden furniture, floors, and building materials to expand and contract, which can cause problems with cracks. Keeping the humidity consistent throughout the year is the only way to avoid this problem.

Whole-house humidifiers offer a comprehensive and permanent solution to seasonal problems with low humidity. Unlike portable models, they require very little maintenance, and they don’t need to be moved from room to room to ensure optimal comfort throughout the home.

Whole-house humidifiers are integrated into Bloomington,Indiana homes’ heating systems and attached to the water lines from the home’s plumbing. The humidified air will be routed through the home’s heat ducts to reach every area of the building.

Once Mister Quik has installed the humidifier, homeowners will have nothing to worry about beyond scheduling annual maintenance visits. The humidifiers will work in the background to keep the air from drying out year-round. Homeowners can set them using digital controls that work like thermostats, and the humidifiers will turn themselves on and off as needed to keep air moisture in the optimal range of 35 to 45% no matter how dry the air is outside.

Installing whole-house humidifiers in Bloomington, Indiana won’t cause homeowners to experience problems with increased humidity levels in the summer. Thankfully, this common myth has no basis in fact. These advanced systems can be set to maintain optimal humidity year-round, so they won’t cause condensation on windows, warp wood, or allow mold colonies to thrive. They’ll only run when the humidity levels are low.

Each whole-house humidifier installed by Mister Quik is equipped with a dual-sensor that operates automatically, 24 hours a day. Homeowners only need to set their digital controls once. From there, the sensors will communicate with the humidifier system to let it know when to turn on and off so that excess humidity doesn’t become a problem.

There’s no need to turn off a whole-house humidifier during the hotter months when the air becomes excessively humid. In fact, most homeowners can benefit from leaving them on. Modern air conditioning systems dehumidify the air as it is brought into the home, but they can go overboard, leaving residents struggling with the same symptoms of low humidity more frequently associated with the winter cold. Leaving the humidifier running will resolve this problem.

Interested in installing a whole-house humidifier, but not sure who to trust? The experts at Mister Quik Home Services are known for providing fast, reliable installations. Homeowners who are still on the fence shouldn’t hesitate to call. A reputable technician will be available to discuss options and provide a free estimate at no obligation.