There has been a focus lately on HVAC system efficiency, and most of it revolves around purchasing high-efficiency furnaces and AC units. Unfortunately, that focus has left many homeowners neglecting an equally important aspect of efficiency: ensuring that their ducts are fully sealed and well-maintained.

Leaky ductwork can lead to significant losses of heated or cooled air. Instead of arriving at the air vents and getting to where it needs to go, the air leaks out into attics, crawlspaces, and other uninhabited spaces. The good news is, Mister Quik Home Services offers comprehensive duct sealing in Bloomington. Their expert HVAC technicians can detect and resolve leaks anywhere in the duct system.

The purpose of duct sealing is simple. It addresses leaks in a home’s ductwork to ensure that the treated air can circulate smoothly throughout the building to arrive at the air registers at the ends of the ducts. Perfectly sealed ducts still lose a little bit of energy. However, leaky ducts can cause efficiency losses of up to 30% or more.

When there are leaks in the system, all the heated or cooled air doesn’t make it to the air vents. Instead, it gets lost before it even reaches the registers, causing the HVAC system to work harder to keep indoor temperatures comfortable. The results can be quite problematic.

Some rooms of the home may be cooler or warmer than families want, but that’s not the only problem with leaky ducts. The extra strain on the furnace and AC unit will also decrease the equipment’s longevity and increase maintenance and repair needs. It’s much more affordable to seal the ducts now than it is to wait until frequent breakdowns become the norm.

Duct sealing eliminates leaks throughout the entire system. Some homeowners assume that they can save money by locating the leaks themselves and trying to seal them, often with low-tech solutions such as duct tape. The problem is, untrained people can rarely track down every leak, and even if they do, duct tape and other DIY solutions fail quickly.

The duct sealing process begins with a thorough cleaning. A Mister Quik technician will arrive at the house with all the equipment required to remove dust, debris, allergens, and other particulates from the ductwork before sealing the registers and performing diagnostic testing. The diagnostic test will allow the technician to identify leaks quickly so they can be resolved, often the same day.

It used to be the case that the only solution HVAC technicians had to resolve leaks was to apply duct mastic. This sticky substance was left to dry and harden over the gaps. It took a long time to cure and didn’t provide a good long-term solution. Now, Mister Quik uses a better product called Aeroseal to improve the process. With Aeroseal, duct sealing in Bloomington is simple, straightforward, and more effective.

Before applying Aeroseal, the technician will have to seal off fans, AC coils, and furnaces to prevent the substance from infiltrating sensitive systems. They then inject the material into the ductwork and allow the air to circulate, distributing the liquid throughout the damaged ducts. The Aeroseal collects in holes and cracks up to ⅝” wide to create a permanent seal.

The best part about Mister Quik’s approach is that it only takes a few hours and requires next to no clean-up. Once the home’s ducts have been sealed, residents should notice improvements immediately.

Still on the fence about whether it’s worth paying for duct sealing? Here are a few unique benefits of this simple, affordable process that might change homeowners’ minds:

Once the ducts are sealed, the HVAC system will offer more precise temperature control. It will be easier to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels throughout the home.

Sealing duct leaks will help to lower the household’s monthly utility bills, but that’s not the only way it can save homeowners money. Duct sealing also reduces strain on furnaces and AC units. Since the HVAC equipment doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain optimal temperatures, it will last longer and require fewer repairs.

If there’s air leaking out of the home’s ducts, chances are, there are also airborne particulates making their way into the living spaces instead of being routed through the air filter. The leaks can also introduce additional particulates from attics and crawl spaces into the airstream. Sealing the ducts helps to ensure that they make their way to the filters instead of into the air that residents breathe.

Ready to schedule duct sealing in Bloomington? Mister Quik Home Services can help. Call to schedule a visit with a professional technician who will arrive on time, perform a comprehensive cleaning and diagnostic testing, and resolve any leaks the same day.