The most important factor in keeping your air conditioning system running at its best is maintenance. Regular service protects the system and prevents expensive hardware. Scheduling AC tune-ups in Bloomington, IN  is easy. An experienced technician will come to your home or business and perform system tests, clean your hardware and ensure performance. If you’re not sure if your system needs a service call, here are four reasons why you should schedule one.

Tuning Up the AC System Regularly in Bloomington Increases its Life Span

An air conditioning system is a big investment, and much like a new car, it should last you ten years or more. A well-maintained system can easily last as long as fifteen years. If you fail to give your system the regular service it requires, you can expect to encounter problems that decrease its longevity. Regular and professional maintenance allows you to get the most performance out of a system for the greatest overall length of time.

Regular System Maintenance Increases Your AC’s Reliability

If you want to ensure that your system will work properly on a hot summer day, you need to take care of your air conditioner all year long. AC units are machines with many parts that all need to work together to keep your home cool. Sometimes, the system will accumulate dust or debris or leak refrigerant.

If you want to count on your AC performing at its best on the hottest day of the year, take proper care of it every other day as well. An AC unit is a complex machine with many parts that depend on one another in order to cool your home. When these parts accumulate dust and debris or leak refrigerant, performance is decreased.

Schedule regular AC tune-ups in Bloomington to ensure that your system can perform at its best on the hottest day of the year.

Tuning Up the AC System Increases its Performance and Efficiency

The system will not work as intended if something is wrong with the air conditioner. A small problem in one area of the system can cause strain on other parts and overwork the entire unit in order to maintain the desired temperature. This kind of strain from a small problem can create much greater and more expensive problems that result in repairs and replacements.

A system that is struggling in performance will use more energy than it should. Regularly scheduled AC tune-ups in Bloomington every year can increase efficiency, prevent problems, and lower utility costs.

Tuning Up Your Systems Has Long Run Pay Offs

Paying the cost of a routine service call today will often prevent the need for an emergency service call in the future because regular maintenance prevents serious problems from developing. Taking regular care of your machine ensures that it’s working well and saving energy.

What to Expect From AC Tune-Ups in Bloomington

A certified technician will perform checks on the different parts of the system and clean each of its components. AC systems are complicated machines, but certified professionals in Bloomington are able to perform all specific maintenance required by your unit. The following are services included in a tune-up.

Condenser Coil Cleaning

Having the condenser coils cleaned prevents unnecessary strain and stress on the unit. This is an essential service for maintaining AC efficiency.

Thermostat Calibration

To ensure that your system performs optimally and reliably, technicians will check your thermostat for accurate readings.

Electrical Connection Inspections

Any loose connections can cause catastrophic failures in your AC system. When a technician finds components in need of adjustment, those repairs can often be made immediately.

Refrigerant Level Evaluation

When the refrigerant is low, the unit stops working properly. A low level of refrigerant can be an indicator of a leak, which a technician will address before it creates serious problems with your unit.

Duct Inspections

The air has to get to where it’s going. If the passageway is blocked, the available airflow is reduced. The AC will not be able to cool your home as well as should and the machine will struggle to reach the desired temperature. Clearing the ducts of debris and buildups improves the system’s ability to efficiently cool your home.

Routine maintenance prevents most problems by itself, but not always. If you notice something appears to be wrong with your regularly tuned-up system, call a technician immediately. Signs of a problem include bad smells, strange sounds, a frozen system, or a failure to keep your home cooled to the desired temperature.

Sometimes, your technician will be able to perform a quick fix to get the AC back to working condition. If you commit to regular AC tune-ups in Indianapolis, you can rest assured that your AC system will last longer.

For questions regarding tune-ups with your air conditioner, contact the professional technicians at Mister Quik Home Services. Call us today!