A home update that puts money in your pocket EVERY year

One of our customers made an update from a 10-SEER air conditioner and an 80% single stage furnace to a 14-SEER air conditioner and 80% variable speed furnace.

One of the main benefits of an HVAC equipment upgrade to your home is the energy savings you receive.  Per Lennox Cool Savings Calculator, the increased efficiency will save this customer 30% on their electrical bill every year due to this upgrade.

When upgrading your HVAC system, you need to make an informed decision. There are many differences between old systems and new ones, here are a few basics that helped one of our very own:

Keep the SEER Rating in Mind

What is a SEER rating anyway, right? Well, it’s an acronym that stands for:

  • Seasonal
  • Energy
  • Efficiency
  • Ratio

And it is calculated with this equation based on annual usage:

Amount of cooling (British thermal unit BTU)
Amount of electric used (Watts)

You may ask, “Why is this SO important?” The SEER rating is directly related to efficiency and savings.

The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the equipment is. When your unit is running more efficiently, it means less cash spent on cooling your home.

AC Unit Efficiency
Your AC Unit’s Appetite for Cash

SEER ratings can range from 8-20, but the government has required manufacturing companies to comply with a SEER rating of 13 when producing new units.

Check out the SEER rating on your unit today to see how you compare!

SEER Rating Sticker

Sometimes there is a sticker on the side that identifies the actual SEER rating

SEER Rating

Sometimes finding the SEER rating can be harder than expected. If you cannot locate the actual SEER rating, then send us a picture of your model number in the comments section (as shown above) or have it handy when you give us a call, we will happily tell you what your unit’s SEER rating for you to reference.

Keep a Variable Speed Furnace in Mind

Is your furnace running? Better go catch it. No, saving you money is a serious matter and you seriously should consider a variable speed furnace over a single stage furnace.

Here’s the breakdown:

Single Stage Furnace
  • One stage or speed of operation, which means your unit will be running at full speed with the hottest air at all times (it would be like sprinting a marathon when you’re already winning the race by a few miles, very unnecessary)
Variable Stage Furnace
  • Ultimate comfort level
  • Multiple speeds of operation, which means your unit only works as much as you require it to work. This system kicks on to heat or cool your house when it deviates from the set temperature (the way this system works is comparable to you speeding up to a sprint in a marathon that you’re losing and then slowing to a walk if you’re winning by a few miles, very smart/energy efficient)

Consider an Aprilaire Filter Upgrade

This customer upgraded to the Aprilaire filter and now they’re reaping the benefits.

  • The Aprilaire brand is leading the industry in removing matter from the air we breathe.
  • There will be less dust and contaminants in the home when using this filter and you’ll be able to see how many pollutants it catches when you switch out your filter every 6 to 12 months. If you have a “I’ve got to see it to believe it” mentality, then this filter will not disappoint you.

As an added bonus to fresher air, this filter will prolong the life of the new HVAC system, saving the customer even more money!