One home maintenance area that is commonly overlooked is drain cleaning. Regular drain cleaning is important as problems in the drain can be forming without the homeowner being aware. How often should a homeowner have their drains and pipes inspected?

Experts suggest that homeowners have their plumbing system and pipes examined and maintenance every eighteen months. This inspection should also include the connected sewer lines. Over time, drains can start getting clogged. The clog will grow over time and turn into a big problem for those living in the home.

Who offers this type of home maintenance? Mister Quik Home Services offers drain cleaning services in and around Brownsburg, IN. The technicians have the tools and experience required to clean and clear drain clogs in a jiffy.

The Causes Behind Everyday Drain Clogs

Every day, items go down the drain that should not. These items are flushed down toilets and washed down sink drains. These items lead to clogged drains, backed-up drains, and toilets that won’t flush. Mister Quik can unclog toilets, bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, showers, kitchen disposals, sewer lines, and more!

The following items are notorious for clogging household plumbing. These items include:

Avoid putting the items above in the sink or the toilet. Many people grew up rinsing grease down the sink, not realizing this is really hard on drains and pipes. Other people grew up hearing that flushing baby wipes and feminine products were okay when in actuality, these items are responsible for thousand of clogs every year.

If a homeowner notices that the water isn’t flowing out as it should be, give Mister Quik a call. The technician will clear the clog and get the water draining away from the home as it should be. Signs of a problem can include toilets that don’t flush problem, toilets that constantly become clogged, sink drains that drain slowly, or drains that won’t drain at all. At the first sign of a problem, give Mister Quik a call!

The Process of Cleaning Drains in Brownsburg, IN

Mister Quik takes a comprehensive approach to this service. Step one is identifying the root of the problem. When the culprit is found, the technician will go over the treatment plan and cost with the homeowner. The technician will work with the family to make sure the repairs come in on budget.

How does the technician clear the clog? The technician will use a traditional drain snaking technique to clean drain clogs. If the clog is severe, hydro jetting may be used. Hydro jetting breaks up clogs while clearing the buildup on the inside of the drains.

Having drains cleaned and inspected every eight months can also prevent future problems. If the technician can clean clogs when they first start forming, this can prevent any major clogs from forming later on. Having drains and the water system regularly maintenance can save thousands of dollars down the line in emergency plumbing services. 

Mister Quik is a family-owned business famous for its attention to detail. Corners are never cut, and customer satisfaction is important. The technicians have all of the tools needed to get the job done correctly, and if follow-up service is needed the technician will cover that as well.

Mister Quik Inspects Sewer Lines

Upon inspection, it may become clear that the problem lies with the backyard sewer lines. Sewer lines are used to carry the wastewater from the house down towards the city sewers. The sewer lines can leak, crack, clog, or even sink. If this happens, it can negatively affect the plumbing in the home.

Thankfully, Mister Quik Home Services inspects and repairs sewer lines. If a homeowner suspects the sewer lines may be the issue, they can give Mister Quik a call to check it out. The technician will diagnose the problem, go over a plan of action, and make the repairs. When everything is draining properly and the customer is happy, Mister Quik will call the job completed.

Give Mister Quik a Call for Drain Cleaning Services in Brownsburg, IN

Those who suspect a problem with the pipes should give Mister Quik a call today. Don’t let that minor plumbing problem grow into a major plumbing disaster. Mister Quik’s technicians offer fast and friendly service and focus on leaving customers highly satisfied. Mister Quik offers services to homes and businesses in and around Brownsburg, IN, and emergency plumbing services. Whether it’s a simple bath or sink drain, or you’re experiencing a slow drain throughout the home, we can do a clean-out for only $99!