People who are new to Indiana are often caught off guard by the area’s hot, humid summers. Long-time residents know that the sweltering heat is normal for cities in a subtropical climate, though. They recognize the importance of taking the time to ensure that their AC systems are in working order before the hottest days of summer arrive.

Need to replace an air conditioning system? It’s worth taking the time to investigate available options since there are several kinds of systems available. Let’s start by talking about one type of AC system that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves: the mini-split HVAC system installed by Mister Quik Home Services.

What Is a Mini-Split AC System?

To truly understand how mini-split AC systems work, homeowners need to have at least a passing familiarity with more traditional options like central air. Central air conditioning remains the most popular way to keep homes cool during hot summers. It uses two separate units that work together to cool the home: the AC unit itself, which is located outdoors, and the evaporator coil, typically found in the home’s attic or basement.

The outdoor AC unit houses the refrigerant. The refrigerant is compressed outdoors, then circulated inside to the evaporator coils where it meets the warm air traveling through the ductwork to reach the system. The evaporator coil uses the refrigerant to remove heat and humidity from the air before it is moved through the ducts for distribution throughout the home.

Mini-split systems are a little different. They still feature two separate units. The outdoor compressor is similar to that found in a conventional central air system, while the indoor unit is an air handler rather than an evaporator coil. The two units are connected via a series of pipes, allowing the hot air to be carried to the condenser and cooled outdoors before it is returned to the home via the air handling unit.

What’s great about mini-split AC systems is that they do not require ductwork. Instead, the air handling unit is a ductless system that homeowners can have mounted to floors, ceilings, or walls. The outdoor compressor can be connected to multiple air handling units, allowing the entire home to access air conditioning.

The Unique Benefits of Mini-Split Systems

Ductless mini-split AC systems have been increasing in popularity in Brownsburg and across the nation thanks to their advantages over conventional central air. Those advantages include:

Improved Efficiency

Central air systems lose as much as 30% of their energy as the cooled air moves through the home’s ducts and encounters holes, cracks, and insecure connections. Mini-split systems are more energy-efficient since they don’t require ductwork.

Ease of Installation

Compared to central air systems, mini-split systems are much easier to install. They don’t require complicated systems of air ducts, so contractors can get them in faster, saving homeowners money on labor costs and allowing residents to take advantage of their new AC systems sooner.

Ability to Control Temperatures by Zone

Central air conditioners cool all the rooms in a house to the same temperature without regard to whether or not anyone is using them. Mini-split systems can be used to establish separate cooling zones. If no one is using a specific room or area of the home, turning down the AC will help homeowners save money without sacrificing comfort. Plus, this kind of system allows all the home’s residents to set the temperatures in their bedrooms to match their personal comfort levels.

Improved Air Quality

The ducts associated with traditional HVAC systems don’t just carry treated air. They can also spread airborne contaminants like bacteria, pollen, and other particulates throughout the home. Mini-split systems are better at removing these contaminants before they reach the living areas.

How Hard Is It to Install a Mini-Split AC System in Brownsburg?

While ductless mini-split systems are easier to install than traditional HVAC ductwork, it still takes specialized tools and training to get everything right. Instead of attempting a DIY installation, homeowners should always call a licensed HVAC contractor. The experts at Mister Quik Home Services know how to install all kinds of HVAC systems quickly and correctly.

Who to Call for Mini-Split Installation in Brownsburg

Mister Quik Home Services is the best company to call for any home HVAC needs. Their expert team doesn’t just install conventional central air systems. They’ve also performed a lot of mini-split installations. Homeowners can trust these industry leaders to help them find the perfect heating and cooling systems to meet their families needs and budgets. Get in touch online or by phone today.