Homeowners across Brownsburg and beyond are starting to think about air purification, and that’s a good thing. Smog and other forms of air pollution aren’t exclusive to giant cities, and even when the air outside looks like it should be clean, contaminants could be lying in wait to cause health complications.

To put things in perspective, the American Lung Association has assigned the nearby metropolitan area of Indianapolis an F rating for air quality. That’s worse than the giant megalopolis of Los Angeles, and all that smog can travel farther than most people think.

While there’s little that individual homeowners can do to combat vehicle and factory emissions or the effects of nearby wildfires on their own, they can still take action to protect their families by calling Mister Quik Home Services. These experts specialize in installing air purification systems in Brownsburg that will help homeowners and their families breathe a little easier no matter what the air is like outside.

Reasons to Install an Air Purification System

Problems with outdoor air quality garner a lot of public attention, but they’re not the only risks to residents’ respiratory health. Air purification systems also remove toxins and other airborne contaminants generated inside the home.

Modern homes are well-sealed against the elements, which is good news for homeowners’ monthly energy bills. However, it can cause problems with stagnant air and increase the concentrations of airborne particulates.

If there are pets or smokers in the home or those responsible for keeping things clean use chemical cleaning products, the concentrations of allergens, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other contaminants could already be dangerously high. Unless residents notice the unpleasant odors sometimes associated with these contaminants, they won’t even know until their health begins to suffer.

Asthma and allergy sufferers are usually the first to notice worrisome health impacts from poor air quality. They tend to retreat to their homes during pollen season when the air outside is saturated with particles that aggravate their conditions. Without an air purification system, those allergens can follow residents in on their shoes and clothes, making life miserable for anyone with respiratory symptoms.

Portable air purifiers will only do so much to combat these serious problems. Calling Mister Quik for a whole-home air purification system installation is a much better solution. It will let homeowners treat all of the air entering and circulating through their homes to improve residents’ comfort, eliminate odors, and reduce the risk of health concerns associated with poor air quality.

How Whole-Home Air Purification Systems Work

All residential HVAC systems feature filters. They catch most of the dust and debris that would otherwise be circulating through the ducts and into the home’s living areas, but they aren’t fine enough to capture tiny airborne particles. Air purification systems can be integrated into the home’s existing HVAC ducts. They feature a series of very fine filters that trap contaminants and allow the clean air to get through.

Once the system is installed and operational, residents will start to notice its effects almost immediately. The only maintenance the system should need is a filter replacement every six months and an annual inspection by a licensed HVAC professional. The rest of the time, residents can sit back, relax, and breathe easier.

The Cost Benefits of Air Purification

A whole-home air purification system won’t just improve residents’ health. It can also help to protect the home’s HVAC system, saving homeowners money. Filtering out contaminants allows heating and cooling units to operate more efficiently, leading to lower energy bills and placing less strain on the HVAC system.

Without advanced air filtration, HVAC systems have to work harder to maintain a more comfortable temperature and humidity level in the home. That drop in inefficiency doesn’t just leave homeowners dealing with high utility bills. It also reduces the lifespan of heaters and air conditioners and leads to premature breakdowns. Installing an air purification system will help to avoid unexpected breakdowns, keep repair costs low, and extend the longevity of HVAC equipment.

Contact Mister Quik to Schedule an Installation

Mister Quik offers a wide variety of air quality services, including both air quality testing and whole-home air purification system installations in Brownsburg. These expert technicians know what it’s like to live in an area of the country known for outdoor pollution. They understand exactly how important it is to create a home environment that’s free from pollen, dander, dust, and toxins and are committed to providing cost-effective solutions to poor indoor air quality. Call to discuss options and request a no-obligation, 100% free estimate today.