Homeowners follow steps for improving their air quality as directed by their HVAC professionals. The service providers can evaluate the home and find the source of common problems that affect air quality. Filtration systems and ventilation are vital for all HVAC systems, and the property owner may want to install an air cleaner to keep those systems and their home cleaner.

HVAC professionals will also recommend steps for reducing respiratory symptoms and eliminating bacteria from the home. Air cleaners and replacement air filters could present a cleaner home for the property owners, and the products cut down on common issues in the home.

Persistent Headaches or Migraines

A common sign that the air quality is poor is persistent headaches. Homeowners who are breathing in toxins and contaminants will experience more headaches when they’re at home, and the culprit is often the air quality. Air filters in HVAC units must be changed at least once a month, and if they aren’t cleaned or replaced, the debris could contaminate the air and make breathing more difficult.

Unexplainable Skin Rashes

Unexplainable skin rashes could be attributed to dust mites, and if the dust accumulation in the property is mismanaged, dust mites can take over a living space quickly. Dust accumulation must be cleaned up and removed frequently to prevent the overproduction of dust mites in the home.

Filtration and ventilation are musts to keep the mites at bay, and the homeowner could install an air cleaner to cut down on dust accumulation in the air and their HVAC systems. HVAC technicians also recommend dusting the home at least once a week to cut down on the dust that could get sucked into the systems.

Sudden Temperature Changes Between Living Spaces

Unless the property owner has zoned heating and air, temperature inconsistencies between living spaces are cause for alarm. It could mean that the ductwork is clogged or too small for the existing HVAC system. When scheduling seasonal cleaning, it is recommended that the property owner has the ductwork cleaned.

Doing so prevents blockages in the ductwork and restores proper airflow. If air is not coming in through all the vents, there could be an air leak underneath the home, and the technicians can seal the ductwork to eliminate these leaks and prevent future ones.

Dust Buildup in the System and in the Home

Dust buildup in the system and in the home increases the risk of allergy symptoms and related conditions. In the spring, pollen can get sucked in from the exterior unit and find its way into the ductwork.

This can trigger allergy symptoms and make the homeowner and their family sneeze, have runny noses, and itchy eyes. When managing maintenance services, it is recommended that the systems are cleaned before the beginning of summer to eliminate pollen from the ductwork and cooling system components.

More Frequent Respiratory Illnesses

Poor air quality also leads to more frequent respiratory illnesses. Substances that become trapped in the HVAC systems and in the home could trigger COPD, asthma, and other respiratory conditions. By installing an air cleaner, the property owner could cut down on unwanted substances in the air and make it easier for these homeowners to breathe.

Persistent Odors in the Home

Persistent odors in the home could be attributed to a variety of things. For example, the property owner will need to take out their trash frequently and never leave food items in the trash overnight. If they have cats, they must clean out the litter boxes and check the HVAC vents to ensure their pet isn’t having accidents in the vents.

Male cats that are not neutered are likely to spray all entry points if they smell a female cat around the property. This includes the HVAC vents, and the property owner may need to clean the vents and ductwork more often to control odors. An air cleaner can also cut down on smells in the home.

Where to Get Help with Air Quality

Mister Quik Home Services provides a variety of HVAC services that address air quality. If the existing unit is not producing heated or cool air as it should, the technicians complete repairs to improve airflow. If the ductwork or the units are dirty, the technicians complete seasonal cleaning to remove the debris. Proper filtration can control dust accumulation and toxins in the air, and homeowners may want to install an air cleaner to maximize their air quality. Property owners can learn more about these installations and services by contacting their preferred service provider now.