As you go about your day, completing tasks becomes a priority, and small details may get overlooked. For instance, people often throw a load of laundry in the dryer and never stop to check the dryer vent. Everything revolves around getting the clothes sorted, washed, dried, and put away in the least time possible. However, a failure to clean the dryer vent could lead to disaster.

Excessive lint might lead to a clog in the vent. When this happens, heat builds ups, and the dryer could catch fire. Mister Quik Home Services works to ensure this doesn’t happen and offers dryer vent cleaning in Brownsburg, Indiana to prevent disasters of this type. When a client requests this service, a well-trained technician arrives at the home to remove any buildup in the vent. All technicians employed by our company have the experience to do the job right, and we carry insurance to protect our clients. Homeowners who count on us deserve nothing less.

How Often Does the Vent Need to Be Cleaned?

Men and women ask how often they need to have the dryer vent cleaned. Experts recommend having this task completed a minimum of once every year. Nevertheless, some families do significant amounts of laundry, which leads to lint accumulating in the vent more often. Every homeowner must monitor the dryer and watch for signs they have a clog. What signs indicate there is a problem?

If clothes take longer to dry, something has gone wrong within the dryer itself or the vent. The same holds when clothes come out of the dryer extremely hot. This means the dryer is getting hotter than normal, and the homeowner needs to determine why this is the case. Check the top of the dryer. If it is too hot to touch, it’s time to call a technician to learn what the problem is. Finally, examine the flapper valve on the exterior of the home. If it fails to open or only opens partially, the vent likely needs cleaning.

Any change in the operation of the dryer requires investigation. Often, the problem lies in a blocked dryer vent. Call Mister Quik to learn what is going on with this appliance, as continuing to run the dryer when there is an issue increases the risk of major problems or possibly even a fire.

How Dryer Vent Cleaning in Brownsburg, Indiana Works

Homeowners help minimize clogs in the vent by removing and cleaning the lint trap with every load of laundry done. Doing so reduces the amount of lint moving through the vent. However, lint traps cannot capture all particles, regardless of how clean the owner keeps them. These particles make their way into the dryer vent where they settle on the walls and remain.

It’s best to call the professionals at Mister Quik. The technician arrives at the home with the proper tools needed to clean the entire length of the duct. Many people don’t realize how long the vent is and don’t clean it completely. As a result, the vent becomes blocked and they wonder what the problem is.

The technician uses a vacuum fitted with a flexible brush that rotates to remove buildup on the walls of the dryer vent. This brush reaches deep into the duct to ensure no part is overlooked. After cleaning the vent, the technician tests the airflow using a digital meter to make certain nothing remains to cause a blockage.

The homeowner feels confident using the dryer after the technician performs this service. They know the risk of a fire is greatly reduced. This needs to be a concern for anyone who uses a dryer today, as this appliance is responsible for tens of thousands of fires each year.

Why Pay for Dryer Vent Cleaning in Brownsburg, Indiana?

Reducing the risk of fire serves as only one reason every homeowner needs to have this task completed at least once every year. Several other benefits come with this service. The following serve as a few of these benefits.

Dryer performance improves following a professional vent cleaning. Users find the dryer runs more efficiently, their clothes take less time to dry, and the clothing experiences less wear and tear.

The costs associated with running the dryer decrease, allowing the homeowner to save money each year. In addition, the dryer needs fewer repairs, which also helps the owner save. This savings comes from the reduced number of cycles needed to dry a load of clothes. Furthermore, this extends the lifespan of the appliance, as it isn’t working as hard to do its job.

Contact our team at Mister Quik Home Services to learn more about dryer vent cleaning in Brownsburg, Indiana. Once your questions have been answered, we’ll schedule an appointment for our technician to come to your home and clean the vent. Our team remains committed to outstanding customer service and works to make the cleaning quick and convenient, so you can move on with life. We recognize your time is valuable and do everything possible to intrude on your schedule as little as possible.