Homeowners will need a new AC system after roughly fifteen years, and they often turn to HVAC professionals to find the best replacement systems. Skilled AC professionals understand common issues that could emerge and offer advice to homeowners when they are shopping for a new unit. The experts highlight popular features that make it easier for homeowners to find the system they want and get the attributes they prefer.

AC professionals remove the existing unit and offer waste management for the homeowner. The technicians will ensure the new system is compatible with the home’s existing wiring system. They will also ensure that all features work properly after the installation. Homeowners can discuss their options with local AC technicians and find the best replacement product for their cooling systems.

Is the Existing System Repairable?

A full inspection of the existing air conditioning unit determines if it is repairable. The AC technicians will review each component and create a list of any components that should be replaced. Once they have completed the inspection, the technicians provide an estimate to the property owner that explains the cost of replacing the components. If the system is at least fifteen years old, a number of components could be failing, and the system should be replaced.

When comparing the costs, the property owner determines if it is more cost-effective to pay for the repairs or just install a new AC system. If the cost of repairs is close to the price of a new unit, it is not feasible for the homeowner to spend the money replacing the components. They could buy a new AC system and get a warranty that covers the system and all the components.

Define a Budget for the New AC

Homeowners who need a new air conditioning system must define a budget before they start shopping for a new unit. If they plan to pay the full upfront costs, the homeowner must determine what they can afford before committing to a new air conditioning unit.

However, they must consider cost and worth. It may be more affordable for them to replace individual components now, but in the long run, the entire system will need to be replaced. They must ask themselves if the lower cost is worth the major expense they will face later, and if paying for a new system would save them more money overall.

Will the Homeowner Need Financing?

Some homeowners will need to finance their new air conditioning systems, and they should consult their preferred service provider to get approval for financing before shopping. The service providers complete a credit assessment and determine if the homeowner qualifies for in-house financing. Some homeowners may need to get financing through private lenders. However, if the service provider approves them, the company provides a plan for the homeowner to make monthly payments for the installation.

Review Energy Star Ratings

The energy star ratings are vital and determine how much the homeowner could save by selecting the unit. It is recommended that property owners evaluate the energy star ratings and determine what system is best suited for their home and gives them adequate energy savings. Homeowners may also get some rebates or tax credits for installing an energy-efficient system into their homes.

Is the Ductwork the Right Size?

An evaluation of the ductwork determines if it is the correct size for the new AC installation. The technicians will measure it and identify the size. If the duct system is inadequate, the property owner will need to replace it with their new AC installation.

Should They Replace the Thermostat?

Not all homeowners replace their thermostats when installing a new air conditioning system, but AC technicians may recommend replacement if the homeowner has an outdated model. Programmable thermostats are the best choices and give the homeowner a wealth of great features.

Where to Get New Installations

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Property owners will need to replace their air conditioning units if the systems are around 15 years old. At this age, components have become worn and won’t perform as intended. When evaluating the current system, technicians complete a thorough inspection of the components and determine if they can be repaired. Property owners can learn more about installing a new AC system by contacting their preferred service provider now.