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AC Repair Services in Greenwood, Indiana

When the weather is hot and humid, homeowners in Greenwood,Indiana rely on air conditioning to remain comfortable. While the majority of AC units are reliable and will operate properly even during the hottest weather, it’s not unusual to need repairs at some point. Of course, annual servicing goes a long way toward reducing the likelihood of AC problems developing, but there is no way to guarantee an issue won’t pop up. When there is any sign of a problem, owners are always encouraged to contact the Mr. Quik team for help.

Be Aware of Common AC Problems

There are a few AC problems owners may encounter, and it pays to understand those problems and why it’s so important to contact an HVAC expert when those issues are identified. Here are just a few common AC issues a homeowner may experience.

  • Warm Air From The Vents. Obviously, if the AC unit isn’t producing cold air, it’s time to contact an expert for help. However, there are a few things a property owner should consider before calling in the Mr. Quik HVAC experts in Greenwood, Indiana. First, check the power supply for the system to make sure it’s on. There is a fuse or breaker in the main electric service panel, and there will also be breakers or fuses or disconnects close to both the interior and exterior components. Also, check the thermostat to make sure it’s set to cool. If one of those items is not the cause, it’s time to contact an expert for assistance.
  • Unusual Noises. Every AC system makes some noises, and most homeowners are familiar with the normal sounds their AC makes. Any time new and unexplained noises are heard, a problem has likely developed. Turn the system off and call for repairs. If you continue to use the system until the repair professionals arrive, there is a risk of exacerbating the damage and creating the need for additional repairs. It’s not worth the risk, as those additional repairs can quickly become costly.
  • New Odors. When any new odor is noted, it’s important to isolate the cause of the smell. A burning smell should always be dealt with immediately, as there are safety issues involved. Moldy or musty smells must also be addressed, as those odors indicate the system is not removing moisture properly. Since a buildup of mold in the ducts can also create a health issue, make sure an expert evaluates the system as soon as possible.
  • Water Pooling Around the Interior Components. When the home’s air is being cooled, condensation forms and must drain somewhere. There is a drain system built into the unit, and that system can become plugged. When that happens, property owners will see water pooling around the interior parts of the system. The Mr. Quik experts will find the root cause of the problem and ensure the drain line is clean and functioning properly.
  • The Humidity Levels Increase. If the humidity levels in the home increase, consider contacting an expert for help. Something is wrong and needs to be dealt with quickly, as your home will not be comfortable until the problem is corrected. The HVAC experts will check the system to determine where the problem lies and recommend repairs to eliminate the issue.
  • Short Cycling. Short cycling simply means the system is turning on and off too frequently. Again, if you notice the system is starting and stopping more often than it did in the past, consider calling an expert for advice right away. Short cycling can damage components, and it’s likely that your home won’t be as comfortable as it should be.
  • Reduced Airflow From the Vents. When the flow of cool air is reduced, there are a couple of issues to consider. The filter may be clogged, but there may also be some type of problem with the fan or other internal AC components. Check the filter, but if that’s not the issue, contact an HVAC professional for guidance.

It’s also important to note that an AC system can experience other problems that will require assistance from an AC expert.

Repair or Replace?

In most cases, it will be possible to make repairs to the existing AC system. However, there are times when updating to a new, energy-efficient system would be more practical. The Mr. Quik team will evaluate your home’s AC system and provide the pros and cons of repairs vs. a replacement. If you’re experiencing any problems with your AC system or would like to schedule a routine service call, contact the Mr. Quik team in Greenwood, Indiana today.