People love their homes, as it’s their space to relax and unwind. Unfortunately, that safe space can turn into a nightmare when something goes wrong with the plumbing. Sewer lines are something many people never think about until there is a problem. Thankfully, Mister Quik can turn those plumbing problems around and turn the home back into a sanctuary.

Mister Quik services those in the Greenwood, IN area, as well as in the surrounding communities. All technicians are friendly, knowledgeable, and properly trained to repair the stinkiest of sewer problems. At the first sign of a problem, give Mister Quik a call.

Our staff is passionate about sewer, plumbing, and HVAC repair. We have all the tools needed to get the job done correctly and efficiently. It is important not to ignore a sewer issue as it can lead to a bigger problem later on.

The Job of the Sewer Lines

Many people never give their sewer lines a thought until a problem pops up. The sewer lines are part of the plumbing system for the home. Most lines range from four to six inches wide in diameter. Their job is to transport what comes out of the home from the toilet, drains, and pipes and carry the waste to the main sewer drain.

Typically, sewer lines run under the ground through the yard of the property. If installed properly, the drains run downward and away from the home. The downward slope helps the wastewater move away from the house towards the city sewer lines.

Signs of a Sewer Line Issue

Typically, some small signs and symptoms let a homeowner know there is a problem with the sewer lines. If left overlooked, these tiny problems would soon escalate into major sewer issues. Signs of a sewer problem include:

Due to the toilets of a home and the sewer lines being directly connected, it is usually the toilets that first show signs of an issue. After the toilet starts showing signs of a problem, the drains will start draining slowly. This typically means that the sewer lines are blocked and a stinky problem is building below the yard in the sewer pipes.

If ignored, wastewater can back up into the home, the home may flood, and it can sustain structural damage. As soon as a homeowner notices a problem, it is smart to call Mister Quik. Doing so can prevent a small problem from snowballing into an expensive and stinky home disaster.

Mister Quik Can Help

Mister Quik works to completely repair the problem so a homeowner no longer has to worry about the sewer lines. Our technicians keep the tools and equipment needed handy so that they can get the job done right as quickly as possible. We never cut corners and strive to have delighted customers.

Our technicians are trained to help with clogged lines, cracked pipes, sunken sewer lines, and more. The issue will be fixed so that the problem does not get worse. The technician will test the sewer lines before starting the repair to know the line they are working on is the cause of the issue. There is no guessing with Mister Quik.

Hydro jetting is one way that our team clears clogged lines. A benefit of hydro jetting is that the clogs are unclogged, debris is eliminated, and any drain wall build-up is cleared away in the process. Our technicians can also handle dig repairs when needed.

Scheduling Services with Mister Quik

In three easy steps, a homeowner can get started on their sewer issue. Step one is to call Mister Quik or go online and set up an appointment with one of our highly trained technicians. In step two, the technician heads towards the home.

Step three involves allowing the tech to inspect the sewer lines for the problem. The homeowner will then be presented with a free estimate for the repair. Once the homeowner has approved the repair, the technician will start working their magic on the sewer lines.

A Family-Owned Company

Mister Quik is family-owned and honestly cares about its customers. Our technicians pay attention to even the smallest detail and aim to leave customers highly satisfied. We offer honest and upfront pricing so that homeowners don’t have surprise bills later on. All employees are thoroughly background checked and trained.

Ready for a Sewer Line Repair?

Remember that it is important to not ignore a sewer problem. If a homeowner in Greenwood suspects a problem, they can give Mister Quik a call. All customers receive fast, friendly, and high-quality sewer repair service.