Ductless heating systems are ideal for Greenwood, IN, residents looking to keep their homes comfortable and reduce energy bills. The humid and long summers in Greenwood and the short, windy, and cold winters require fully functional air conditioning systems.

There are numerous HVAC systems out there, and one of the newest is the mini-split HVAC system. Homeowners also want to know how to find the best mini-split installation service in Greenwood, IN.

What Is Mini-Split Air Conditioning?

It is essential to survey different kinds of air conditioning to understand how the technology works. The first and most widely used kind is the central air model. It is considered an effective method of maintaining cool temperatures in your house.

A central air conditioning unit has two distinct parts that work in sync to cool your home. The AC unit is located outside, and the evaporator coil is placed indoors, usually in the basement or an attic.

The outdoor part contains a refrigerant, which is compressed outside then circulated to the indoor evaporator coils. The warm air inside the building goes through the return air ductwork and eventually gets to the evaporator coil. The refrigerant and evaporator coil work together to eliminate humidity and heat from the air inside the house. The treated air moves via the supply ducts and is redistributed evenly to cool the indoor air.

Mini-split systems have two individual parts; the outside compressor and the indoor air-handling section. The indoor part is placed in the room whose temperature you want to control. A series of pipes link the outer component to the indoor one, allowing hot air to get to the condenser faster. Once cooled, it returns to the room through the air handling unit.

The main difference between the two units is that mini-splits don’t have any ductwork. The air-handling units inside the ductless system can be fixed on the walls or floor. They can also be recessed into a ceiling. You may choose to connect several indoor units to one outdoor part to cool several areas consecutively.

Top Five Benefits Of Installing A Mini-Split System

Although central air conditioning units are popular throughout the US, the popularity of ductless mini-splits is rising steadily. If you are considering installing a mini-split unit in Greenwood, IN, here are the benefits you will enjoy.

  1. Energy Efficiency

About 30% of cool air is lost as it passes through a central HVAC unit’s ducts. The loss results from holes and leaks in the ductwork and poor connections between sections. Mini-splits are more effective and better for the environment and your pocket.

  1. Enhanced Air Quality

Sometimes, conventional HVAC units carry contaminants through the ductwork that transports air. The ducts might bring in allergens, bacteria, exhaust fumes, and pollen. Since mini-split components have washable filters that can be removed and cleaned easily, you can prevent pollutants from invading your home.

  1. Easy To Install

If you extend your house or move into a building without pre-installed ductwork, installing mini-splits could be your best option. The same applies to when you move into an older home without existing ductwork. You will save money because you won’t install complex ductwork. Otherwise, using a central air conditioning system makes sense.

  1. Enhanced Home Security

Since mini-splits require drilling a few holes on the walls, they are considered more home-secure than window or wall units. Wall ACs are easy to detach from the outside, making it easier for an intruder to enter your house.

  1. Controlling Temperature In Individual Rooms

A good reason for installing mini-ducts units in your home is customization. Unlike a typical HVAC system, you can use mini-splits to set different temperatures in different rooms under one roof if you install a thermostat in each. For instance, you can switch the unit off in the kitchen and have it running in the living area.

You can enjoy significant savings when you install ductless mini-splits in your house. You can even choose to switch off the units in rooms you don’t need to cool.

Is Mini-Split System Installation a DIY Procedure?

Although it’s possible to undertake a DIY mini-split installation, industry experts recommend contacting specialized technicians to ensure the job is performed correctly. Mini-split installation in Greenwood, IN, will be successful when you work with a team of experienced experts.

Who Should I Consult For Mini-Split Installation In Greenwood, IN?

The experienced professionals at Mister Quick Home Services have installed many AC units in the Greenwood, IN region. We offer unmatched customer service. The technicians are thrilled to help you through your mini-split installation process in Greenwood, IN. You can call or send us an email any time!