Anyone trying to improve the air quality in their home may find the processes overwhelming. Having clean air in the home is important because most people spend a lot of time in their homes. Regular inspection of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system is important for lowering the number of particles in the home’s air. Still, it won’t fix problems with the mold, dust, dirt, and debris that takes residence in the home’s vents.

The HVAC technicians that work for Mister Quik Home Services are trained thoroughly and have the equipment required to get the ducts in a home squeaky clean. Our company is committed to providing the best service to customers and having delighted customers. Homeowners can count on Mister Quik to get their vents just as clean as the day they were installed in the home.

Duct Cleaning

Those who try to clean their vents without professional help do not have the tools needed to go deep into the vents. This means that only a small portion of the vents are being cleaned. Mister Quik has the tools needed to get the entire ventilation system spotlessly clean.

How does this work? Mister Quik completes the process using a negative pressure system. The system sucks up the dust, gunk, mold, and debris anywhere in the vents. All of the air registered in the home is sealed tight, and Mister Quik uses their negative pressure system vacuum to suck up the bad stuff. The techs will clean from register to register using compressed air and scrubber brushes.

The last step is cleaning the HVAC system and replacing the air filters. The technician will end there, guaranteeing that no dirt was left behind in the system. The new filter will help the system getting started on the right track again. Because the vents are now clean, the air quality in the home will be much better.

Duct Cleaning Benefits

Why would someone want to clean the ducts in their home? The following will cover the benefits of having sparkling clean ducts. Remember that Mister Quik services all of Greenwood, Indiana and the surrounding communities.

Cleaner and Healthier Air

Dirty air is hard on humans and pets. Having clean vents means that the air quality is better in the home. Dirty vents spread pollutants, mold, dust, pollen, bacteria, pet dander, dirt particles, and more through the home. Having dirty vents is not good, as every time the system comes on, the bad stuff is filtered through the home.

Clean vents can help with the health issues that home residents may be suffering from. If people in the home suffer from allergies, headaches, coughing, sneezing, upper respiratory infections, itchy eyes, asthma, bronchitis, or other symptoms like these, poor air quality could be worsening symptoms. A cleaning can go a long way towards helping the family feel better.

Say Goodbye to the Bad Stuff in the Air

Household allergens are no joke. The common offenders include pet dander, pollen, and dusty mites. These bad boys love to trigger allergic reactions in humans and pets.

Because the air is constantly filtered through the home, the allergens don’t leave on their own. Having the vents cleaned is the first step to saying goodbye to the bad stuff in the air. Clean vents may mean no more year-round allergy symptoms for those that live in the home.

The House May Smell Better

Dirty vents can lead to a stinky house. If the vents hold in moisture, mold and mildew can quickly take over, and both stink. Having Mister Quik Home Services clean the vents can mean that the mold and mildew are eliminated and the house smells better.

The House May Be Cleaner

Dirty vents will blow dirt, dust, and debris into the home. If the vents are clean, there will be nothing dirty there to spew out. Those that find dust to be a frequent problem should contact Mister Quik for a vent cleaning.

Mister Quik Services Greenwood, Indiana

Many people in Greenwood, Indiana may not realize they have a great option for ventilation and air duct cleaning. That option is Mister Quik. Ready for a cleaning? Give Mister Quik a call and get those vents squeaky clean!