Greenwood Blown Insulation Services

Is your home staying far too warm during the summer months? Have you noticed that the cold seems to creep inside during the winter no matter how high your turn up the thermostat? Can you feel a difference in the temperatures near your walls or around your attic’s entryway? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you may not have enough insulation in your home to ward off the heat and cold. If that’s the case, you don’t have enough insulation to keep your heat and air conditioning inside where it belongs, either. 

Mister Quik: Keeping Your Home’s Insulation Up to Code

Building codes here in Greenwood require homes to have certain amounts of insulation. In some cases, though, older homes are lacking in this department. Even insulation in new homes can fall short of the requirements or homeowners’ expectations. In situations like these, adding more insulation is an effective solution, and blown insulation is one of the most effective options available. At Mister Quik, our blown insulation experts are here to help get your insulation up to code and ensure it meets your needs no matter how warm or cold it is outside. Contact us to schedule a consultation or blown insulation appointment right away.

What Makes Blown-in Insulation a Good Choice?

Blown insulation can provide a range of benefits when compared to traditional batts. Batt insulation is cut into strips and fitted in between your home’s structural components. This can help keep the cold and heat in all the right places, but it also leaves a lot of room for error. With standard insulation, gaps are inevitable, and there’s no way to cover all the nooks and crannies in your attic, under your floors, and in the walls of your home. 

That’s not the case with blown-in insulation. It’s light and fluffy, and the application process helps ensure that it fills all the gaps left behind by traditional insulation. It can even be added to other types of insulation for more complete coverage and protection. Of course, it can be used on its own as well for new homes and in cases where the original insulation needs to be removed and replaced. 

This specialized application technique gives you far more protection than simply placing strips of batt insulation wherever they’ll fit. When applied properly by blown insulation experts like us and added in the right amounts, loose-fill fiberglass insulation can be even more effective and efficient than traditional batts. If your standard insulation is beginning to fall flat, we can add the appropriate amounts of loose-fill fiberglass to bring it back up to speed. It’s also important to mention that loose-fill fiberglass is less expensive per inch than some other types of insulation. 

What Are the Downsides of Blown-In Insulation?

While blown-in insulation can be particularly vulnerable to moisture and mold growth, this problem can be thwarted with the right measures. It’s important to repair any leaks and seal any cracks or gaps through which moisture could seep into your home before installing loose-fill fiberglass. Doing so will make your insulation last longer while also protecting the other components of your home. 

Take Advantage of Blown-in Insulation and Its Many Benefits

If you need insulation installed in your home or want to supplement the insulation you already have in place, blown-in insulation is a perfect alternative. Loose-fill fiberglass is the most effective and affordable type of blown-in insulation on the market. At Mister Quik Home Services, our blown insulation experts can help you make the most of this type of insulation. Contact us to schedule an installation appointment, and let us help you make your home as comfortable and efficient as possible.