Installing a central air conditioning system will greatly enhance the comfort and well-being of your family. Whether considering a first-time install or seeking to replace an inefficient or cantankerous device, take time to become informed about alternatives and considerations.

A new central air conditioner should last 15 to 20 years with regular maintenance. Such a long-lived appliance suggests thoughtful consideration of current and anticipated future domestic needs must be made. Before calling a professional about AC installation in Greenwood, Indiana, take into account these seven factors.

Install a Properly Sized System

The air conditioning system must be correctly sized for the space to be cooled. A system that is too small will cause the appliance to run continuously in a vain effort to maintain the desired temperature. An overtaxed system is more likely to fail prematurely and to consume excessive electricity, which the homeowner will pay for each month.

An oversized system also has disadvantages. First, the home will not benefit from gradual, even cooling, which leads to cold and hot spots. Second, oversized systems do not run long enough to properly dehumidify the air, resulting in cool but damp air. Third, because an oversized unit blasts the home with cool air, rapid temperature swings prompt the system to start and stop excessively. “Short cycling” causes unnecessary wear on many components, making them more likely to fail prematurely.

Quality, Durability, and Cost

Do not consider only the initial system cost, but also quality, the warranty, brand reputation, and features. The low upfront cost may mean the machine is of lesser quality. Such a system is likely to be less efficient, leading to higher monthly energy costs, a shorter life span, and higher maintenance costs over time. An informed professional HVAC specialist can help you understand the options when considering AC Installation in Greenwood, Indiana.

Ductwork and AC Efficiency

The ductwork should be clean. A new cooling system cannot operate optimally if the ducts are dirty and clogged. Dirty ducts impair airflow and cripple system performance.

Older homes may have ductwork with defective joints. If the duct seals leak, cooler air will escape and be unavailable to cool the house. The system will be forced to run excessively to lower the temperature to the desired level. This will waste energy and money.

Mister Quik Home Services in Greenwood, Indiana will have a technician check the ductwork and perform corrective service if necessary.

Where to Install the Condenser

The location for the condenser (the outside component) must be chosen carefully. A condenser placed in direct sunlight is more likely to overheat. Overheating machines will require additional maintenance, and the excess strain may reduce life expectancy.

Proper Thermostat Placement

The thermostat will determine whether heating or cooling is demanded, and will cause the appliance (furnace or AC) to operate until the desired temperature is met, as measured by the temperature at the thermostat. As a rule, the thermostat should be located in a place where it is not exposed to heating or cooling sources or dramatic temperature swings.

For example, a thermostat exposed to sunlight will presume the room is too warm. A thermostat exposed to cold drafts or located in an unusually cold spot in the house will respond to that lower temperature by calling for heat when, in fact, most of the house may be comfortable.

Ask your HVAC professional to determine whether your thermostat is ideally situated. Sometimes, it is possible to install more than one thermostat to customize the temperature for a given area or room.

Electrical Concerns

Air conditioners require electricity, meaning that a new system must be connected to the electrical system. Professional AC Installation in Greenwood, Indiana will involve a review of the present electrical system to ensure that it is compatible with and sufficient for the new air conditioner. If the present system is inadequate, the technician will advise the homeowner.

Improving Efficiency

Once AC installation in Greenwood, Indiana is complete, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to optimize efficiency. Keeping the area around the condenser clean so that airflow to the unit is unimpaired. The condenser should also be kept free of debris such as dirt and fallen leaves. Reduce direct sunlight indoors by closing curtains or blinds. Air filters must be regularly changed or cleaned. Have your air conditioning system regularly and professionally maintained.

At Mister Quik Home Services, our trained technicians will answer all the questions about air conditioning systems. Having an experienced technician install the unit and perform regular maintenance will improve system performance and maximize its life expectancy.