Taking care of a home always presents some challenges, but dealing with maintenance and repair issues promptly always pays off. Routine servicing of major components, like the heating, plumbing, and electrical systems, should be on every property owner’s to-do list to avoid preventable issues. When all your home’s systems function properly, it’s far easier to rest easy and simply enjoy time with your family or friends.

At the same time, it’s not always easy to know which systems should be serviced throughout the year. At Mr. Quik Home Services, our team of experts will be happy to explain how and when each of your home’s systems should be serviced. We’re here to provide quality, friendly services you can always count on. Our team provides a wide variety of services, and we can help you make sure all your home’s important systems are always functioning properly.

AC Maintenance, Repairs, and Replacement

Greenwood homeowners know the area’s weather is not always predictable, but there is one thing that’s certain: it will get hot and humid during the summer. To remain comfortable, your home’s AC unit must be working properly. If the system breaks down on one of those sweltering summer afternoons, your home will not be comfortable for long. So, what can property owners do to reduce the likelihood of a breakdown?

First, let the Mr. Quik team of experts take care of your system. Routine annual servicing minimizes the potential for problems to develop. That means you’ll be comfortable no matter how hot the weather is. If you don’t know whether your AC system requires maintenance, contact the team now for more information.

In the event your system breaks down, we’ll provide fast, efficient repairs to get the system up and running again quickly. We stock most commonly needed parts and can often repair an ailing AC system in one visit. If your home’s current AC system is beyond its useful life, we’ll gladly work with you to determine how to proceed with replacing the old system.

Heating System Maintenance

Of course, everyone wants to be warm during those cold winter months. It’s always a good idea to have a home’s heating system serviced prior to the onset of cold weather. Mr. Quik’s heating system experts are trained and equipped to maintain all types of heating systems commonly seen in the Greenwood area. Whether you have a gas-fired or electric heating system, we can make sure it functions properly.

Remember that any comfort appliances using gas can be dangerous. Carbon monoxide poisoning is all too common, but we’ll make sure your gas furnace is operating correctly. At the same time, we’ll recommend installing CO detectors that provide an alert if a malfunction with the heating system is creating dangerous CO levels in your home.

Evaluating Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

As owners take steps to reduce their heating and cooling expenses, they seal cracks and other openings that allow conditioned inside air to escape or drafts from the outside to enter their homes. That’s great, but indoor air quality generally suffers when the same stale air is constantly recirculated. However, there are several options we recommend to improve your home’s indoor air quality.

If anyone in your home has a medical condition, it’s even more important to provide a clean supply of fresh air. Pets also tend to degrade indoor air quality, as does smoking. Take the time now to discuss the ways Mr. Quik’s team can improve your home’s indoor air quality.

Electrical Services

In the past, few homes had more than a 100 amp electrical service, and older homes often had few outlets or lights. Today, the use of appliances and electronic devices has exploded, which means your home’s electrical system may be outdated. If your home is older or you frequently find yourself using extension cords, it’s time to consider updated the electrical system.

Even if your home is newer and the service panel is larger, it’s common to update the wiring to make sure expensive electronics are properly protected. Newer types of lighting also reduce energy use and provide better lighting for all rooms in a home. If you’re still using old incandescent or fluorescent lighting, let our team show you how to improve your home’s lighting.

Plumbing Service and Updates

Modern plumbing systems differ dramatically from the installations commonly seen in the past. New products reduce the chances of leaks or other plumbing problems. In addition, kitchen and bath upgrades are common, and both generally require new or updated plumbing. Of course, Mr. Quik plumbing professionals also help property owners get past typical leaks and drain clogs. For expert advice and quick service, get in touch today.

We’re Here to Help!

At Mr. Quik Home Services, we’re always ready to help keep your home running smoothly. For maintenance, repair, or replacement services in the Greenwood area, contact our team of experts now.