Greenfield, IN is a Midwestern town that has cold winters and summers with sweltering heat and high humidity. Because of this, a house located there should have both heating and air conditioning equipment in good working order.

There are many different types and brands of air conditioning units available. One Kind of air conditioning equipment is the mini-split HVAC system. In Greenfield, there is a good company to install mini-split systems.

What is Mini-Split Air Conditioning?

One of the most popular air conditioning systems is central air conditioning. It is gradually being replaced with mini-split HVAC systems. A central air conditioning unit used to be considered the most efficient way to cool home air.

The central air conditioning system has an outdoor unit tied to an indoor unit and then it has a ductwork system to deliver cooled air to all parts of the home. The outdoor unit is the main air conditioning device, with the indoor unit being the evaporator coil. This indoor unit is often located in the basement or attic of a home.

The outdoor unit contains a refrigerant that is compressed and then circulated to the indoor unit’s evaporator coil. At the same time, the home’s warm indoor air travels through the ductwork to the evaporator coil which removes the warmth and the humidity from the air and sends it back through ductwork to cool the home. This process is continually happening to keep a home cool and to control the humidity level.

In contrast, the newer mini-split systems have both indoor and outdoor components but no ductwork. The mini-split system has an outdoor compressor and an indoor air-handling unit located in the room to be cooled. Instead of ductwork, a system of pipes connects the outdoor and indoor units. This allows air to be carried to the outdoor unit which quickly cools it and sends it back to the indoor unit which returns the cool air to the room. The air-handling units can be mounted to a ceiling or a wall, or a floor. The air-handling unit can also be recessed into the ceiling of a room.

Each room or zone to be cooled will have its own air-handling unit and multiple units can be connected with one outdoor compressor unit. They will all be connected to the compressor with pipes. Each air-handling unit will have its own thermostat.

What Are Advantages to a Mini-Split system?

Even though central air conditioning is still popular all over the United States, ductless mini-split systems age gaining ground with consumers. Mini-split installation in Greenfield has several important advantages to consider.

Energy Efficiency

Central AC units lose up to 30% of the cool air along with the ductwork. This can be the result of holes in the ductwork or of bad seams where sections are joined. But, mini-split units do not have ductwork and are much more efficient in their use of energy. They will help reduce home energy bills.

Ease of Installation

Some homes do not have a ductwork system and do not have room to add one. In this case, the mini-split system is a definite advantage as it needs no ductwork. If there is a ductwork system in place in good repair, staying with central air conditioning might make sense. But if you are having a mini-split system installed, money and time will be saved by not having to work with ductwork throughout the home.

Controlling Temperatures in Each Room

Another way central air conditioning is inefficient is that it cools all of the houses to the same temperature, even rooms not in use.

A ductless mini-split system gives the homeowner the ability to control the temperature in each zone separately. This means people can control the temperature in their own bedrooms for their comfort and rooms not in use do not need to be cooled. This saves energy costs.

Better Air Quality

Traditional HVAC systems can carry dust and other pollutants through the ducts and into the indoor air. They can also carry bacteria, exhaust fumes, and allergens such as pollen. The mini-split units come equipped with replaceable and washable filters to catch contaminants before they reach the inside rooms of a house. This means cleaner, more healthy indoor air to breathe.

Is It a Good Idea To Install a Mini-Split System as a DIY Project?

These systems require licensed, trained installers to do the job correctly. Without training, a person can make dangerous mistakes in installing any air conditioning system. The expert technicians at Mr. Quick Home Services will get the mini-split system installed quickly and correctly the first time.

Contacting the Right Installer in Greenfield

The well-trained professionals at Mr. Quik Home Services have years of experience installing air conditioning systems. We are proud of our good work and excellent customer service record. Our experts can help homeowners pick the right size and type of system to meet their needs and their budgets. Just give us a call.