Homeowners will need a new AC system if their existing unit is failing or too old. The typical life span for AC systems is around 15 years, and at this age, the system’s components will not operate as expected. The system will use more energy and increase the operational costs for the homeowners.

HVAC professionals can recommend a new AC system according to the size of the property and the homeowner’s current cooling needs. They can find units that are within the homeowner’s price range that offer affordable payment plans.

The Square Footage of the Home

The square footage of the home affects what size AC system is needed to keep the property at a comfortable temperature. When starting the calculations, the HVAC providers find the area of each living space and multiply it by 25 BTUs. They will add the total BTUs for each living space together and compare it to the square footage of the property. The unit size defines what unit will accommodate the homeowner’s cooling needs.

How Much Does the New System Cost?

The cost of the new unit determines if the property owner can afford a new unit, or if they will need financing. Service providers will complete a credit assessment and provide a payment plan for the homeowner to pay for their new AC systems.

They must review the total cost for the system when making a decision. The HVAC professional provides details such as the total amount the homeowner pays for the unit itself and how much it will cost to maintain the system each year.

The property owner must consider these costs when choosing a unit. For instance, the upfront cost of a unit may be lower than average, but if the maintenance expenses are much higher than average, the system could present a major expense for the property owner.

How Long Will It Take to Replace the Unit?

HVAC contractors can provide a timeline for the new AC system installation, and it shows the homeowner how long it will take to remove the existing unit and replace it with a new system. The size of the system could present a longer duration for the installation.

The timeline helps the homeowner determine if they must stay in temporary housing until the installation is completed. If the system fails during extreme temperatures, the homeowner shouldn’t stay in the home until the new system is installed and operating.

What Features Are Available With the System?

Popular features that homeowners want with new air conditioning units include zoned air that makes it possible for them to send cool air to specific living spaces at any time. Connections for the new systems to smart home systems are beneficial for property owners, too, and give the homeowner more control over their AC system. The property owner can also get connections for other features connected to their heating and cooling system such as detectors and air cleaners.

Does A Programmable Thermostat Really Help?

Programmable thermostats are a great option for homeowners and give them a chance to save more money on their cooling and heating expenses. The thermostats have a variety of settings that make it easier for the homeowner to control when the units work.

The settings allow them to adjust the temperature according to the time and set up a second time for the system to operate at a different temperature. They can stop the units from running at lower temperatures when they aren’t home and have the system adjust to a new setting before they get home for the evening.

Where to Get AC Replacement

Mister Quik Home Services provides homeowners with high-quality air conditioning systems to replace their outdated units. The service provider presents everything the homeowner needs to transition to a new system including the complete removal of the existing AC unit. They offer superior customer service for their customers and address questions or concerns promptly. Property owners can learn more about AC Replacement in Greenfield, Indiana by contacting the service provider directly.

Property owners replace their AC systems when the units are no longer viable and repairs are just not feasible. HVAC professionals can provide better products that come with complete warranted and give the property owner extended coverage. A new AC system will give them 15 years of dedicated cooling services if the property owner follows all maintenance requirements.

HVAC professionals can provide information about the systems including how much the owner will pay for maintenance services each year. Property owners can learn more about AC replacement by contacting their preferred service provider now.