When the first cold weather comes to your town, it is time to turn on the home heating unit. Starting now, your heating unit will be on and working for months to come until warm weather is back. But, if you have not had the HVAC serviced recently, when the heating unit comes on there will be odors caused by the heating element burning the accumulation of dust on it and in the ducts.

This odor wafting through your home can serve as a reminder that the HVAC system can harbor dust and other particulates. To counter this problem, consider installing an HVAC ultraviolet light system in the home’s heating and cooling system.

The Benefits of an HVAC UV Light Installation in Fishers

Why does installing ultraviolet light in the heating and cooling system make a difference? Can a UV light really help your home’s air quality? Yes, the addition of UV light in the HVAC system will bring several benefits to people living in the home. These benefits include:

Better Health

The ducts and HVAC equipment can harbor dust, mold spores, and other particulate matter that are then pushed through the system and into the air vents and the home’s indoor air. This affects the indoor air quality adversely. Family members who have health problems such as allergies, asthma, or suppressed immunity can benefit from cleaner air provided by an HVAC UV light installation. Improved health for the whole family can result from eliminating mold, dust, and other particles before they reach the air in a home.

Energy Efficiency

Dust building up in an HVAC system causes the heating and cooling equipment to work harder to circulate comfortable air in your home. UV lights work in the system to eliminate any foreign matter that would interfere with the heating and cooling efficiency. This makes the HVAC system work more efficiently and saves on utility bills by using less energy.

Improved Air Quality

Even when poor air quality is not evident, it is a problem in many homes. Too many people are breathing less-than-perfect air both when they are out and about in their town or relaxing in their homes.

The home air quality can be improved with the addition of an HVAC UV light that scrubs mold, dust, and other particles from the air that will circulate in the home. In addition, this cleaning of the air can also eliminate odor molecules before they affect the home air supply. So, the home air will smell better and be more healthy to breathe.

Installing an HVAC UV Light System in Fishers

It is a simple process to have a UV light system installed in your home. Start by calling Mister Quick Home Services for a consultation and a quote. Mister Quick uses only the best quality materials and parts for our HVAC services. A UV light system can easily be installed in your home’s HVAC ducts and be working to help clean the air immediately for healthier breathing.

UV lights have a long history of working to improve the quality of air. UV lights have been in use as far back as 1903 when a doctor won a Nobel Prize for science by using UV lights to treat skin infections. They have been used in hospitals, office buildings, grocery stores, and other buildings to effectively disinfect those environments. They have proven effective in eliminating dangerous contaminants such as the Norwalk virus, E. coli bacteria, and now the CORONA virus.

HVAC UV light installation in Fishers can help sterilize air before it enters the home through heating and cooling vents in the home. The air you breathe will be up to 99% free of harmful particulates.

UV light systems are safe to use, unlike some UV rays that hurt human organisms such as the sun’s UV rays. But, this type of UV light harnesses the power of electromagnetic radiation and uses it for good. These UV rays kill the bad material in the air and preserve the good.

Top Quality HVAC UV Light Installation in Fishers

At Mister Quick, we are committed to making our customer’s lives easier and improving their overall health. The experienced staff is well-trained in HVAC units, in installing air quality improvement equipment, and providing air quality assessments. We are the trustworthy local team to call for all of your heating, cooling, and air purification needs.

Call Mister Quick today for information on our services and products. Let us take care of all your HVAC needs including HVAC UV light installation. There are several available options to meet your family’s unique needs and budget. Let us help you breathe safer, healthier air in your home.