Mister Quik Home Services offers furnace maintenance done by a professional technician. Our technicians will handle an inspection and tune-up of the furnace and the heating system. Done regularly and correctly, maintenance will help you save money, stay warm throughout the winter, and be more confident you won’t have trouble with the furnace.

When is Maintenance Needed?

Furnace Maintenance should be done yearly, at least. It’s also possible to have the furnace checked twice a year or each quarter, depending on whether it’s been repaired previously, how it’s functioning, and how old it is. 

When to Do Maintenance

For homes in Fishers, it’s recommended to take care of furnace maintenance later in the summer or early in the fall. During the winter, the furnace works hard, but it sits collecting dust during the summer. It’s a good idea to make sure it’s ready to work before the weather gets cold. 

Signs Maintenance is Needed

It’s not always easy to tell when there’s something wrong with the furnace, especially for homeowners who aren’t sure what to look for. In some cases, homeowners may notice something is wrong but might not realize it’s the furnace. Below are some signs that having maintenance done now is a good idea. 

Electric Furnace Versus Gas Furnace Maintenance

If the furnace is well maintained, it’s possible to save up to 30% on the cost of heating the home. This does depend on the number of windows and their sizes, the size of the home, the amount of insulation in the home, and more.

Improve the Home’s Air Quality

Through the furnace, the air inside the home is removed and recycled. The air goes through a filter that can help catch dust, pollen, dander, and other debris before it’s put back into the home. By replacing the filter and making sure the airflow is correct, it’s possible to have healthier air inside the home.

Keep the Home Safe

Furnaces will produce carbon monoxide, which should be vented outside of the home. If the furnace is maintained properly by a professional, it’s easier to find potential leaks before they cause health concerns for those inside the home. 

Keep the Furnace Working

Over time, the furnace’s components will wear down and need to be replaced. Our expert technicians know how to tell if something is ready to be replaced or if a replacement can be done later. By having the unit inspected annually, it’s easier to spot and repair potential damage to help prevent a breakdown in the future. 

Help the Furnace Last Longer

As one of the most expensive appliances, furnaces that are well maintained are going to last longer, so it’s not necessary to replace them as quickly. A well-maintained furnace can last five to ten years longer than one that isn’t taken care of. 

Schedule Furnace Maintenance Today

Residents in Fishers use Mister Quik Home Services for heating, cooling, and plumbing services. Our HVAC technicians are EPA certified, know how to recognize any environmental concerns, and have passed background checks before beginning work. We offer a full guarantee on any work done and want to make sure you’re comfortable with the work we do.