The comfort of a home can be drastically improved through the installation of an air conditioner. Regardless of if you are upgrading to a new model or installing a unit for the first time, proper research must be conducted regarding the various models to choose from. With proper maintenance, a new air conditioner unit can last approximately fifteen years. When investing in an appliance for that length of time, you want to be sure that it will continuously meet your needs, both now and in the future. The following seven factors should be considered before the purchase and installation of a new until.


Size plays an important role in selecting an AC unit. The unit must be the correct size to cool the desired area adequately. If the system is not large enough for space it is intended for, it will not be effective or efficient. The unit will have to continuously produce cool air, thus increasing utility bills and temperature. If the system is too large, it will achieve the desired temperature quickly. 

Quality and Costs

Cost and quality often go hand in hand. An inexpensive system would be low in efficiency, which, in turn, increases the energy costs and lessens the life of your air conditioner. Ample research into the quality of a unit is important before purchase. It is also imperative to seek a professional technician’s advice in Indianapolis before deciding on a purchase and installation option.


Inspection of all ducts for clogs and debris is vital to ensure the air conditioner can perform correctly. Older duct systems can also have leaks in seals and joints. These leaks can cause the AC unit’s cold air to escape, which will unnecessarily increase the unit’s workload. Proper installation includes thoroughly checking the ductwork by an experienced technician who knows how to ensure the home’s ducts are ready for the new AC installation.

System Placement

There are multiple details to take into consideration while deciding on system placement. Incorrect placement of the AC unit can cause operational malfunctions within the system. For instance, if it is placed in an area that gets direct sunlight, it can cause the system to overheat. Units that operate at a higher temperature will require more maintenance, and the increased stress can cause a decrease in life expectancy. Consulting an Indianapolis AC installation specialist can ensure that the new unit is in the optimal location.

Thermostat Placement

A thermostat is used to control an area’s temperature by using internal metallic strips that heat up and cause the system to turn off and on. Since these strips work by heat, the placement must not be in an area that receives direct sunlight or other natural or artificial heat sources, such as stoves and ovens. Additional heat sources can cause the thermostat to read an incorrect warm temperature in error. Conversely, if the thermostat is located in a dark or cool area, and it can be read as a lower temperature and not cool the remaining area to the desired temperature.

Electrical Wiring Concerns

Electrical work can be difficult. When selecting an Indianapolis technician to connect the new air conditioner unit to the home’s electrical system, the technician must be experienced in electrical systems. Faulty wiring and an inappropriate power supply for the AC unit can create a serious risk to the dwelling. While connecting the unit to the house’s electric system, all wires should be protected. Incorrect electric work can create a serious fire hazard, so the work should be examined closely after the installation is completed.

After installation, there are several tips to follow to improve AC unit efficiency. For instance, cleanliness around the outdoor unit and keeping blinds and curtains closed will protect your house from unnecessary heating, and reduce the load on your AC to work harder to achieve the perfect indoor temperature.

At Mister Quik Home Services, we have an experienced and knowledgeable staff that can answer all of your questions regarding air conditioning units. Our technicians can provide the installation and regular maintenance to ensure that your unit functions for years to come.