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Furnace Tune-Up Indianapolis

Have Your Furnace Inspected Before Cold Weather Hits

Furnace Tune-Up

It’s hard to imagine that autumn is less than a month away. Summer is always fun in central Indiana but cooler weather will be here again before we even know it. As you plan ahead for fall chores around the house, don’t forget about your furnace. It hasn’t been in use for a while now, so it’s a good idea to have it inspected by a professional.

At Mister Quik, many of our customers have asked us whether these annual inspections are necessary. Our answer is yes, and it’s also necessary to pick the right company to do the job. Home furnaces benefit from a tune-up at the end of every summer, but not every company goes about that service the same way. Some simply wipe away cobwebs and blow out dust; tasks that almost any homeowner can do themselves. Other contractors are more complete with their furnace tune-up services, and take the time to inspect components and clean the system. Naturally, price ranges for furnace tune-ups will vary widely from company to company, so call around and ask how much the service costs and what it comes with.

21-Point Furnace Tune-up

Here’s what you get when you schedule a precision tune-up from Mister Quik. Our 21-point service covers every aspect of your heating system to ensure it is in safe, reliable and efficient condition. Our step-by-step tune-up goes like this:

  1. Check thermostat operation
  2. Check pilot ignition sequence (adjust pilot)
  3. Observe main burner operation
  4. Check flue draft on natural draft furnaces
  5. Test fan switch/heating fan relay operation
  6. Check primary limit operation
  7. Cycle furnace off, and record “fan off” temp
  8. Visually inspect heat exchanger
  9. Check blower wheel for cleanliness
  10. Check blower motor to include bearings, belts, pulleys
  11. Check air filter (air cleaner)
  12. Check furnace temperature rise
  13. Fire furnace & leak check gas line from manual safety shutoff to main burners
  14. Test flue spill switch operation
  15. Check auxiliary limit switch operation
  16. Test draft safeguard switch operation
  17. Check humidifier operation
  18. Operate furnace through one cycle
  19. Clean furnace cabinet
  20. Review results with the customer (IAQ-Plumbing-Electrical)
  21. Review service agreement with the customer

We’ve seen similar professional services like this go for over $200 from other companies. At Mister Quik, our comprehensive furnace tune-up costs just $59. And we guarantee this service will save you money on your utility bills or we’ll refund the money, no questions asked.

Annual Furnace Inspections

Annual Furnace Inspection

Annual inspections and tune-ups are necessary because they ensure a home’s heating system is in good shape. Think of it as preventative maintenance. It’s cheaper to pay a contractor once a year to maintain your furnace and catch any problems while they are still small, instead of having to call that contractor to come replace your entire system after a catastrophic breakdown.

The end of summer and the start of fall are good times to have your heating system inspected. If you would like to learn more about Mister Quik’s comprehensive heating tune-up, give us a call at (317) 207-4397 or schedule a home appointment using our easy online form.