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Electrical Panel Upgrade

As the heart of your electrical system, addressing any electrical panel issues is very important.

Old panels can be not just an inconvenience but a safety threat as well.

The older yours is, the more likely it is to need an upgrade. As time goes on and technology improves, electrical demands increase.

What worked for your home 10-20 years ago may not be cutting it anymore!

Mister Quik is here in the Greater Indianapolis area to help you enjoy all of your modern electrical appliances and welcome room for more while keeping your home safe.

Is it Time For an Electrical Panel Upgrade?
Here is a quick rundown on how your electrical panel and surrounding system works:

Power is distributed from your electric company to a box outside your home.
That box leads to your electrical panel, inside of a breaker box.
The breakers trip when power is overloaded in different areas of your home.
The most common interruption in this process is that your circuits are simply being overloaded. If this is the case, you might notice flickering lights or that you can’t use more than a few appliances at a time without a tripped breaker.

If your panel is old, especially over 25 years, then there is a chance the breakers stop working and fail to trip.

Here are other signs to look out for when considering if it’s time for an upgrade

Your breaker box is warm.
There is corrosion on any components.
Your home still has a fuse box.
Your home has less than a 100-amp electrical service.
It’s also a good idea if you’re upgrading your electrical panel to have your home wiring inspected and also upgraded if deemed necessary.

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