Landscape Lighting

The Fine Art of Landscape Illumination

Indianapolis Landscape Lighting

Awaken the beauty of your Indianapolis home with high performance outdoor lighting that will last a lifetime. Find out how Firefly, our professional outdoor lighting division can enhance your outdoor living space.

Outdoor lighting enhances your outdoor landscaping while increasing the value and safety of your Indianapolis area home and property.

Outdoor lighting…

  • Helps brighten up any dark corners in your yard; adding security to your home.
  • Ensures residents and visitors can safely navigate around your property at night, illuminating steps or other areas in your landscaping design for ease of use.
  • Lightens private areas of your property to allow enjoyment into the evening on decks, sitting areas and other recreational spaces. Extends the party well into the evening!
  • Highlights and accentuates the features of your landscaping. It’s also a relatively inexpensive way to update a boring garden area.
  • Greatly enhances the looks of the exterior of your home; adding value when selling your home.

Mister Quik Provides…

  • Custom Design & Installation – New Systems
  • Troubleshooting & Repair – Existing Systems
  • Regular Periodic Service
  • Event Lighting – Weddings, Dinner Parties, Corporate Events
  • Holiday Lighting

If you have any questions about outdoor landscape lighting, feel free to ask our experts. We Love to answer questions!

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