Electrical Contractor

Mister Quik is the electrical contractor Indianapolis area residents can count on. If you need to repair, maintain or improve the electrical systems in your home, you can rely on Mister Quik Electricians.

Our electrical services include a 100% money back guarantee and our customer care policies are unmatched in the industry.

Electrical Services

Electrician performing electrical service

Electrical repairs can be especially tricky for untrained home or business owners. Leave the work to us. Mister Quik electricians have the skills and training needed for all types of electrical work and can assist you with indoor or exterior projects.

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Arc-Fault Breakers

Installing arc-fault breakers in an Indianapolis area home

Electrical malfunctions can be deadly. Protect your home and family from accidental discharges with an arc fault breaker. Mister Quik provides professional installation and maintenance on these specially-designed circuit breakers.

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Ceiling Fan Installation

Electrician installing a ceiling fan in an Indianapolis home

Did you know that ceiling fans help circulate the air year-round? They help keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. When you purchase a fan, get expert installation at an affordable price from the pros at Mister Quik.

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Lighting Installation

Mister Quik electrical contractor installing lights in an Indianapolis area home

Say goodbye to shadows with professional lighting solutions from Mister Quik. We can help you design custom lighting applications for every room. From the switch to the bulb and all the wiring in between, let us enhance your home.

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Landscape Lighting

Indianapolis area home with landscape lighting

Landscape lighting provides homes and businesses added elegance and improved security. Mister Quik designers can create stunning exterior illuminations based on your personal requirements, which increase curb appeal and safety.

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